A bit of myself

Warm welcome from Edmonton-Alberta CA!

Welcome to my “world” at GlaserTips. I am Brazilian, as some of you may already know from my 2 Brazilian blogs: BastidoresdoGlaserCrafts . this is about crafts, and TododiaBom with positive ideas for your day. I have been living in Edmonton for a few months with my husband and little girl. Yes, I have seen the snow, yes I know it is cold up here, I also know this is just the beginnig! You forgot to say though how warm people can be here!

I have lived in other places too, and even in Brazil, because I lived in its largest city Sao Paulo people there are always in a hurry, they are not as friendly as you might suppose. So I do love people here. Friendly, polite and commited. You should see my little daughter’s teachers at the kindergarten, I would never be able to thank what they have done and  are doing for her.

To make a long story short, I have decided to write here in English about my work, our lives, impressions, opinions and things we find interesting to buy, so wait for more details coming ahead on the future messages!

Thank you for coming by,

See you pretty soon, have a nice day!

Drikka Glaser


2 thoughts on “Warm welcome from Edmonton-Alberta CA!

  1. Hi Drikka
    I’m just writing to say thanks for following me. I only started my blog this week after years of putting it off so so far I’m enjoying it. I find other peoples blogs so inspiring so I hope I’ll be able to create something half as good as what I’ve read.

    1. My husband keeps telling me I can! Sometimes I believe, others I even doubt myself, as they say where there is a will there is a way, let’s take this chance and do it together!
      what is more important:
      Enjoy the ride!

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