A bit of myself

“Unique”-the poncho of many yarns!

Hello again,

This is what I like to do, intriguing crafts, please do not take e for an extra talented knitter I just like it and I like it to be interesting, I do look up at people who can knit fast and flawlessly which is not my case…
Still learning… maybe it is the fun part of it, for when something is thoroughly mastered we tend to lose our interest in it.
So all this “poncho” or loose cowl as I consider is done in mainly simple garter stitches with a combination of yarns I had back in July 2011. I am producing one in bright shocking open RED right this moment.
Which I hope to finish together with a kind of a sweet heart scarf. Coming back to my Unique poncho please take a look
and in case you feel like check it out at my Flickr too!


See you soon,

take care,



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