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A better you

What would you truly do if this was your last day on Earth? … Considering you had all day long?
I believe  none of us would be able to say:

“I guess I am perfectly O.K. with what I am doing, I could just leave now”.

Instead the common thought might be: “I know I hadn’t done everything I should, I wish I were doing or so”.

Of course we have to go to work, for the most part of our day, then once we are back home we must take our time, shower, eating and so, after all that it is time to  go to bed, and woosh the day is gone, the week is gone, a month, a whole year, again!…

It is already February you know…
Take the grip of your life, don’t let others do it for you, believe me you will be sorry.
Why not looking at the eyes of the people you love, see how much your kids have grown, or realize your partner is there for you, be there for them.


Start a new hobby, try something you’ve always wanted.

Start eating better food, right now, not only on ‘Mondays’ you deserve it!

Be good to yourself, be more patient, you are entitled to a better YOU!.

Take care,