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Oh Carnival, Samba, Brazil!

Hi there,

I don’t know how much the non-Brazilians know about Carnival, which we call Carnaval in Portuguese (by the way we do not speak Spanish in Brazil, both languages are just similar) this is something pretty interesting I really would like to take a few days to write about.

It has its roots based on religion, Catholic to be more specific, basically all you have to do is to see when Easter will be, count 6 weeks before there you have Carnival. It is always on a Tuesday, but what happens is that we make it a long weekend, not only that, the Wednesday is a holiday too -I mean up until its midday, so on the account of that it is not hard to see people not working on Saturday or taking Friday seriously, when we talk about Carnival in Brazil, think BIG!

What do people do with all this spare time?

Most of us go celebrating, the dance clubs have Carnival sessions say 2 a day. One is the matinée for the kids, who will be taken by the adults, who dance with them and have a good time too. The second one is in the evening, this is a real adult party which I rarely recommend for people unless they get themselves ready for everything…

There are people -mostly kids in small towns, who go out play and dance on the streets too, it is fun.

Since Brazil is a huge country its states have different ways to celebrate it, if you go up the North in Bahia, what you will have is basically people dancing on the streets, at the LOUD sound of gigantic trucks and singers dressed in almost nothing.

Down to its Southeast you have Rio and São Paulo their samba schools are really nice once you go see them at the Sambódromo (where parades take place)!

Lavish, expensive, luxurious, glamorous these are a few words you may use to describe it. I myself have been to Rio twice for Carnaval the first I wanted the second I was taken. In São Paulo -where I come from originally- I have participated Carnaval parades, in the small town my mother lives, when I was a teenager. I liked it back then.

Well, so for the cultural facts this is it pretty much. Later on I come back with my opinion about it all, now I will take little B. to school,

and you take care,