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Comfy Food-Scrambled Egg

Hi there,

I simply love cooking! To me it is sort of a science, as you take ingredients lay them on your kitchen counter the mind goes wonder and it doesn’t matter whether you have or not the recipe, you will only see its result when it is done.

I love it because it is a devotional moment, it is some of your time, total attention and why not say LOVE you are spending while doing your dish. Out of all the secrets my granny taught me, making bread was the most delicious and wonderful moments I ever had with someone.

I still recall all the ritual she explained to me, she was not the lovely kind of granny, but to me she was a great one !

Well then, even so I can not bake bread as often now a days… what remains to me as a perfect comfy food is my Mom’s scrambled eggs, not because of its taste, but her urge to fix us something to eat at a quick-lunch time, just before she had to rush to work for the rest of the afternoon, I mean the simple fact of knowing she wanted to make sure we had something in all our 4 little tummies, brings me comfort up until today!

She has always been there for all of us!

That is good, and it feels just right!

You can make yourself this scrambled eggs too! Take a look at this recipe I loved at: http://www.foodnetworkasia.com/recipes/scrambled-eggs-with-cheddar-cheese-and-onions.html

take care,