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Party at AGA- Art Gallery of Alberta


I have been away lately, for personal reasons, yesterday it was my little daughter’s birthday party, considering I had to do most of the preparations myself, the hardest part was finding a middle term between the Canadian intimate party style and the Brazilian outgoing extravagant  full of people, food and decoration.

For when she turned 2 -4 years ago- in Brazil we had approximately a  600 balloons some “sort of styrofoam sculptures” I learned how to do from a couple of party magazines, I hand painted them and so on. People tend to stay the whole day at a party down there, we must organize lots of food, activities and so on.

So once here we restrained our “routine” I cooked a little and made some, ‘cocada‘ and ‘brigadeiro‘, traditional party candies in Brazil. Apart from that the traditional veggies and snacks, oh yeah, and some hot dogs too.

Anyway,  my husband found out and we loved the idea of celebrating it at the Art Gallery of Alberta, which by the way was Great! They have undergone a renovation and recently re-opened. You can rent studios for parties and events. Our common secret inner thought was “-If  by any means people don’t show up she is still going to have lots of fun!”

They have a real nice program with activities that include a tour around the gallery, after they go back to the studio and create their own art. Staff is great, attentions and funny!

Every one showed up, most parents got to stay, people were kind to us, and seamed to be having a nice time!

She definitely is the luckiest girl!

This morning my house is a mess, I feel tired, but relieved.

You know what, when you take an only child away from her family and friends, and set for a one year trip, it is just like throwing them into a Typhoon. You just don’t know what will come out of that water turmoil.

She really made a lot of nice friends, here ever since we arrived in September.

Thank you Canada, for being good to her, to us! I will never ever forget it!

As for this afternoon we will go to the Winter Festival at William Hawrelak Park, and tomorrow is the Family Day!

I know back in Brazil it is Carnival, boy am I glad to be up here in the peace and quiet!

Take care, have a nice Holiday tomorrow!