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The eye of the beholder…

As crazy as it may seem, I now got to the point of falling in love with the snow.

Getting to know it has changed my life and my family’s to the extent that I tell you now:

“Winters will never be what they are supposed to be once they do not come with the snow.”- It is a bit sad, since in Sao Paulo we are never able to experiment this, not even for a day.

This morning as my little one got up late for school (and to be honest with you she tried everything she could to avoid going) you have to understand she was lazy after our special long weekend.

Despite all that her whole spirit changed once she felt fresh snowflakes falling on her instantly cold redden cheeks as they were bravely facing chilly gusts of wind, the very moment we stepped out of our front door.

She smiled deliciously saying almost laughing: –“Mom today is not too cold, and we will have fresh snow to play with at the recess time! Hurry up Mommy let’s get quickly to school!”

Indeed my dear ones, it is not as cold, this mere -5C, opposite to -28C that reached us here no longer than 2 weeks ago, and they were not allowed to play outside. Today it  was a blessing! One of those delicious, lovely winter days kids tend to long for, not only them, but also pretty grown ups who had never lived it before!

Who would have thought?! Me loving all this! Who would have thought…

Take care,