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Dedicated to the one I love…

Hello my friends,

I have been literally fighting against my last creation, a beanie my husband asked me to do. As a good wife I never imposed him in wearing any of my productions. Take into account the lowest temperature we have to face in Sao Paulo is no less than 15C, in a harsh winter, he never really did feel the needed to wear anything to cover his head.
Well here things are way different. Now we think 5C is quite warm…
So there I went picking up the colors that would suit him better, rearranging them, selecting a project, giving it up, and after hours of dedication to his “gift” I finally came up with a plain beanie since I figured guys -at least mine- tend not to like too much attention on his head I mean.

Hope you liked it, another one is coming up, show you as soon as it is ready.

Take care,


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