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It’s snowing, it’s sunny: It is Alberta!

Hi everyone!

Yesterday we just took it easy, went with little B. to redeem a few gift certificates she got on her birthday, as we did that we also took her piggy bank, and traded everything for the biggest dollhouse she could possibly get! It is a dream house  and I believe every girl at least once dreams of one day having a big dollhouse, (that includes me, and I never really played much with dolls as a kid) so while my husband spent the rest of the afternoon building it, I made some supper. After that we played a little and the day was gone.

It certainly snowed a lot this weekend, but sunny Alberta never let’s us down so yesterday even though  there was like 40cm (about 15.7 inches) of snow around and on our car, there was the most gorgeous sun to bid us good afternoon!

Driving on slippery street sure demands a lot of attention, I myself early December skidded on black ice and did not crash because it just was not meant to be, or as I believe God intervened. Our van has an extra traction and it sure helps a lot.

I also fell a lot too, basically on the ice, it hurts, last week I hurt my knee so badly as I fell on a rock of rough ice that I couldn’t even cry! But let’s face it Nature is self-sufficient, and it is either love it or leave it. So if I fall or skid it is my entire fault. The snow is not less adorable, charming or lovely because we can’t control it. As a result I prefer to embrace it and enjoy every step, every day of our stay.

I gotta go now, must do several doll blankets for “a party” they are  having as B. comes back from school.

Take good care, tomorrow I’ll show them all, as for now take a look at this picture I took 2 weeks ago: