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Snow is all around

Hi every one,

I must say I had the most interesting morning as a volunteer at my daughter’s school. We went on a field trip to a place called John Janzen Nature Centre. As we entered there, the first thing we did was to visit the wood. Allow me to remind you it snowed considerably this weekend and this is mid-winter now. So there we went into the frozen wood.

There is something really magical in a winter wood I only learned here. You can see through the trees. One may even be sorry for them as they seem to have lost all  their mighty beauty but, as we look twice, after a snow fall there is such a beauty in the way those  bare branches nestle the snow, such delicacy.

At this very moment we  understand there is no way of knowing what is really going in there, we do not realize most lives are in state of suspense. Gaining strength, gathering energy for the Spring time. We were able to hear a few birds as we cracked the snow under our feet. Kids loved it.

Small things grow slowly into our hearts, and will live there forever … I had no camera with me as I was there to help with the kids.

A nice person asked me a photo of the snow, and I selected these ones. In the last one, the river is frozen. Hope you enjoy! Please bear in mind I am not much of a photographer, and my camera is a bit old.

Snow near my home.

Snow on a pine tree at the back of my home.

Snow on my boot as I took the pictures,

Edmonton skyline city centre at the back.

That is all for today, tomorrow I come with some shots of the blankies for the doll house.

Wait for you then,