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There is a Bunny Easter after all- evidences found…


Last Sunday as we got up my daughter gladly realized it had snowed over the night. After a while still looking through the window she ran to me and said:

-Little bunny!

I didn’t know what she was possibly talking about until I myself took a look  and saw this on my patio covered by snow and full of evidence:


A closer look:



Who could possibly deny it?

The very Easter bunny came by to see whether he should deliver her Easter “gifts” here or down in Brazil! He took a peep saw her toys scattered across our living room he gathered we are still living here! He won’t make any mistakes now!

-What a nice girl she has been! He came by 2 weeks earlier just to double check!

…               …           …            …

Believe it or not, there were no paw prints in the neighbors patios, nor other prints around the condo, he simply vanished! Now, off to shopping, he is coming the very next Sunday!

Take care!


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Super Fast Tuna Fish Pie

Hello everyone,

My family and I went to a real nice birthday party last weekend and we were supposed to take a food contribution. What I took along was this super easy Brazilian “blender pie” you can virtually use any left over you have in your fridge.

Since everyone liked and it is a real simple recipe -besides being super fast. I figured you would like to give it a try. Don’t worry you can’t go wrong when using the blender…

Super fast -Tuna Fish Pie:

2 cups of milk
1 cup of corn oil -or any vegetable oil
3 eggs
2 cups of all purpose flour
1 tablespoon of baking powder
2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese -optional
1 teaspoon of salt

Put everything in the blender, following the sequence it was written – first the liquid, then the eggs.
Mix it for about 2 minutes. Pour your mixture in a rectangular non-stick baking pan.


1 small onion -diced
1 clove of garlic -mashed
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
2 cups of your filling option(*) or 2 cans of tuna fish
green onion and parsley
salt and (black) pepper
2 tomatoes -diced

(*) filling ideas you can use left overs such as: chicken,vegetables, sausage, diced ham, ground meat, roast beef, spinach etc…

Heat the oil in a large frying pan add the onions, fry them until they get transparent, add the garlic and fry a little more.
Gently add the filling of your preference, or your tuna canned fish and the tomatoes. Fry a little more, turn off the stove and add the green onion.
Lay the filling over the mixture in the baking pan, spread the green onion, parsley and oregano evenly.
Bake it until it is brownish for about 45 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 350 F, or 180C.

I hope you like it,

Take care!


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All we need is love

Hello there,

I have been away a bit, but for a good reason.

My family and I arrived in Canada this past September, it has been such an enriching experience, and for more that I could expect something new, the experiences we are living here are above and beyond our expectations. Read me right I didn’t mean better or worse, I meant far different from what we expected.

My husband is not only doing his post-doc researches, but also teaches 2 subjects at the University of Alberta, my daughter suffered so much, cried, and went through real difficult times as soon as we arrived here, her first month was awful, mainly for both of us, because I was the one to take her to school, knowing she would spend the next 6 hours of her day struggling to make sense of what she was listening there. And for her because she was the one who had to live all that. She got a few viruses too!

Fortunately she did great, and learned in no time. Her teachers are the most wonderful creatures and I owe them a lot, I can’t help but saying all the school was very supportive! Being a teacher myself for over 20 years I could realize that the educational system up here is really alert towards child needs and that made me strong enough to give her a time, while helping her out with her daily difficulties. I tell you it was tough, the same as I tell you it paid off, and within a period of 40 days she was so happy in Canada, that she keeps asking me if we can get to stay here for a longer period. Up until now she does not miss Brazil.

Well I do have my job back home, I also have my dear “Glaser Crafts” down there, which I can honestly say is much more profitable than up here, my husband is a professor there too and took a one year leave on the account of the post-doc. Even tough we are considering staying here a little longer because …what wouldn’t we do for the sake of the kids?…

I told her if I could get a job, and Daddy too we could put some more thought to the matter. Last week I did, I actually signed a contract on the very day of my birthday!

It does not pay much, but I deal with people all the time, and guess what? Don’t I feel great?! When I first got here people kept telling me about the differences between Canadians and Brazilians, and what sometimes might appear a simple conversation to me, might sound as a harassment here. So I haven’t been myself for the past few months. On Monday in my shift I gave it a shot and tried to smile a bit more, show that I cared, and occasionally engage into some sort of a small talk. Wanna know what happened? My boss congratulated me!- in secrecy when I went to get my next week’s schedule just because.

– I showed the costumers I cared.

In the end what I am learning in this beautiful journey is:

All we need is love.

No matter where we are, the world is sick and tired of negative things, and people are willing to receive some attention, talk about themselves, and maybe go home happier than they were when entered in the building.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend! Take care and show you care!


P.S.: Forgot to mention yesterday it snowed tons! So we are back to trying to make our first snow man ever!

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What a child needs

Hello friends,

Today is about something really important:

-Children and their needs.

It was not until I was 32 years that I seriously started feeling like being a Mom. It could be because I had been a teacher for such a long time then, such a dedicated one that I considered my pupils kind of my own kids and managed to postpone this decision ’till then.

I had already been married for almost 7 years then, we were great together. We have a dog, and the fact that he was so super lovely  to us, that dragged me into actually start to I wonder how it would be if I had a kid that would  be able to hug me as only a child can do and call me Mom…

Years have gone since then, I have my little one now, she is 6 and my dog is 10. They are great! I love them wholeheartedly. After I became a mother I won’t say that my life has changed, it is too little, I feel like another person. A whole new person, a much better now – I guess.

I love the woman I became after she was born.

When I arrived here in Canada I did not expect that for the first time in my life I would be in close contact with kids who live in foster homes. You know I am from Brazil, my parents-in-law both run an orphanage there called, Lar Escola Caibar Schutel, I have been there several times, but it is Brazil and we more and less have tolerance to it. Down there the wealth is so unevenly distributed that people may be really rich, or extremely poor. Sometimes poor kids do go to foster homes, better than staying home and being abused in so many ways by the adults.

I would expect reality here to be way different. But people are people everywhere and as sad as it may seem kids may be abused anywhere.

Then I met these wonderful little ones, two of them are in my daughter’s class, and 2 others are in the class next door. Every day when I pick her at school they rush to me, and because of my Brazilian and motherly nature I hug people a lot!  At first I tried to keep a distant, than I asked the nice care givers:

Is it Ok if I hug them too?

Immediately the answer was that it was more than OK! Now-a-days I get to hug them, and my little one too, sometimes we make it a “group hug”, as they say it.

Kids need a hug.

That’s what children need, lots of hugs, and some attention. It seems easy, but it makes their days! And mine too, in a sense. Some days I long to see those pretty little faces running to me as the say “-Hi!”  They hug me straight to my waistline and hold on fast! As I hug them back in a way they feel they are loved.

Kids need love.

Sometimes they say they want to go home with me and get to stay forever, I answer I myself won’t live here forever…

Kids need to feel safe.

As I get to know them better, and see how much they get all these things at their foster homes, and others don’t from their own parents and it breaks my heart to say. I see many of them are better off  there!

Kids need respect.

That’s what they need. Someone to make sure they are well taken care of.

I am hoping and counting we are all doing that!

Take care,


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Etsy Glaser Crafts discount coupon


I have this nice costumer at my Etsy shop GlaserCrafts who had asked me to buy the pattern of my Whimsical Scarf, see it bellow:

Although she knew I do not sell the patterns, she was honest saying she has quite a great number of grand daughters and would like to have them all dressed in a that scarf for a special occasion. I thought to myself what a neat idea! I really felt flattered!

So I gave it a try and wrote the pattern just for her, I also put in on sale at the shop, and launched a discount for it in the blog. Bear in mind this is my first pattern ever!

So if you are interested in buying either the scarf or its pattern, I will grant you a CAD 5.00 discount. Here is the deal you must write me a comment in this blog so that I know you read it here, I then will create you a coupon under your name and you can use it to buy 1(one) of them at the shop. Hope you enjoy this “game”.

Take care,


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First things first- another crochet doll afghan is ready!

As you all know we have to set goals, priorities and so on in life.
Here I am again-as once promised– showing you another of my doll blankets, it still needs some ribbon work to it but the crochet work is done!

Hope you like it.
Meanwhile I keep working on another crochet cap for my beloved one. Hope to finish tomorrow and be able to show you all.
Take care,


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Life is beautiful…no matter what!

Hello you!

I hope you had a nice weekend as I did. There was a teacher’s convention so both Thursday and Friday were days off for little B. We got to do lots of fun things together.

Today as we go along with our lives I would like to take a time and honor a dear friend of mine who started out as a regular costumer of my craft shop in Brazil about 2 years ago. She called me up on a Saturday afternoon barely crying as she had just being diagnosed with cancer, she could hardly speak and she wanted to order for some caps. Sounding as clear as a bell she wouldn’t stop talking to listen to me as I tried to sympathize with her.

Suddenly she said she would call me back later that day.

I was so taken aback. Although there had been several women of my acquaintance at that  time who were battling as they had that horrible diagnose, immediately for her -a stranger at that time-I didn’t feel it was right. My husband could feel and hear my thoughts, he knew how sorry I was for her.

Indeed she called again that night at 9:40, and I was all ears, pretty professional, suggesting colors and caps that might go along with her wardrobe. Never mentioning any of my feelings as she seemed so put together.

She agreed, I made all possible changes, from stitches, to kinds of yarn, hat measures too, as she was about to lose all her hair in the treatment. talked to other customers the next morning and had her order in priority.

First hat I made her was this:

And than this:

The delivery was much ahead, she was quite happy. She had a lot more to come, about 7 or 8 total.

Her disease did not improve even with the chemo sessions as we were expecting to.

She kept calling me every other week  gradually we grew friends and all, I called her  from time to time too, we chatted, we cried for hours on over the phone. I had other nice costumers in the exact same situation, but she was the one I had a real bond with. Either because she had a little daughter a bit older than mine, or because she was much younger than me.

Her voice was so sweet I felt she really deserved a chance to continue and eventually overcome  that. I hoped she might see her little one grow up. And above all I was the first one to know apart from her husband, and encouraged her to talk to her daughter about what was to come in their lives.

Her mother had just passed away when we met, same reason.

…                   …                     …                 …                 …

My dear friend, who taught me “life is beautiful, no matter what!”(*)

Dear J. I want you to know I thought about you today as I browsed some of my cap pictures. You live in my heart, and I also want you to know how special you are to me and most of all how I wish we could have actually met.



* Here I quote her.

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Crochet Red rose

Hello you,

If there is anything I like to crochet the most, I would say:


I love them, I do think the pins are an excellent idea to compliment an outfit so well.

I do them in different kinds of yarn and textures. There is a post I made about 2 years ago in my Brazilian blog Bastidores do Glaser Crafts as soon as I learned how to make those, and I kind of tried to teach step by step how to make a crochet Rose brooch. If you would like me to I can make another one in English.

  • How about you? What do you like to crochet best?

This picture is here to wish a nice weekend!

Sorry I really got to go!

Take care,


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Crochet&Knit Mini afghan- meant for a doll house

Hello there,

Hope you are all fine!

I know I was supposed to post a photo yesterday but guess what! – I fell again, this time on the stairs over my left and leading hand. It hurts, of course so I wasn’t able to write much, neither finish other projects.
The fun part of it was seeing my little daughter B.,  who by the way hardly ever falls, teaching me how I am supposed to go down the stairs in order not to fall again… well, she is right. I run up and down a lot.
Anyway, I would like you to see this which is meant for the mini crib, since she doesn’t have little babies that fit it, she picked up small fairies and treats them as if they were the babies. Way to go!

I’m afraid that’s all for today, tomorrow we chat again!

Take care,