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Crochet Red rose

Hello you,

If there is anything I like to crochet the most, I would say:


I love them, I do think the pins are an excellent idea to compliment an outfit so well.

I do them in different kinds of yarn and textures. There is a post I made about 2 years ago in my Brazilian blog Bastidores do Glaser Crafts as soon as I learned how to make those, and I kind of tried to teach step by step how to make a crochet Rose brooch. If you would like me to I can make another one in English.

  • How about you? What do you like to crochet best?

This picture is here to wish a nice weekend!

Sorry I really got to go!

Take care,


18 thoughts on “Crochet Red rose

  1. This rose is beautiful and so realistic. Yes please do the instructions in English if you get a chance! 🙂

      1. Pretty rose… thanks for sharing the pattern, I’m gonna ‘grow’ a few in various colors!

  2. I would love to be able to make a rose like that one, I don’t know much about crocheting but I am able to make things that people show me how to make. If you did do it in english please let me know where to find the instructions. Even the roses made by professionals that I found on you tube don’t look this nicly done. Great job!

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