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Life is beautiful…no matter what!

Hello you!

I hope you had a nice weekend as I did. There was a teacher’s convention so both Thursday and Friday were days off for little B. We got to do lots of fun things together.

Today as we go along with our lives I would like to take a time and honor a dear friend of mine who started out as a regular costumer of my craft shop in Brazil about 2 years ago. She called me up on a Saturday afternoon barely crying as she had just being diagnosed with cancer, she could hardly speak and she wanted to order for some caps. Sounding as clear as a bell she wouldn’t stop talking to listen to me as I tried to sympathize with her.

Suddenly she said she would call me back later that day.

I was so taken aback. Although there had been several women of my acquaintance at that  time who were battling as they had that horrible diagnose, immediately for her -a stranger at that time-I didn’t feel it was right. My husband could feel and hear my thoughts, he knew how sorry I was for her.

Indeed she called again that night at 9:40, and I was all ears, pretty professional, suggesting colors and caps that might go along with her wardrobe. Never mentioning any of my feelings as she seemed so put together.

She agreed, I made all possible changes, from stitches, to kinds of yarn, hat measures too, as she was about to lose all her hair in the treatment. talked to other customers the next morning and had her order in priority.

First hat I made her was this:

And than this:

The delivery was much ahead, she was quite happy. She had a lot more to come, about 7 or 8 total.

Her disease did not improve even with the chemo sessions as we were expecting to.

She kept calling me every other week  gradually we grew friends and all, I called her  from time to time too, we chatted, we cried for hours on over the phone. I had other nice costumers in the exact same situation, but she was the one I had a real bond with. Either because she had a little daughter a bit older than mine, or because she was much younger than me.

Her voice was so sweet I felt she really deserved a chance to continue and eventually overcome  that. I hoped she might see her little one grow up. And above all I was the first one to know apart from her husband, and encouraged her to talk to her daughter about what was to come in their lives.

Her mother had just passed away when we met, same reason.

…                   …                     …                 …                 …

My dear friend, who taught me “life is beautiful, no matter what!”(*)

Dear J. I want you to know I thought about you today as I browsed some of my cap pictures. You live in my heart, and I also want you to know how special you are to me and most of all how I wish we could have actually met.



* Here I quote her.


2 thoughts on “Life is beautiful…no matter what!

  1. So stylish and lovely hats for your dear friend. And it touches me your skill can love for the craft is a bright spot for someone in need. Both practically and otherwise. 🙂

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