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Happy Easter- where there is life there is hope

Hi everyone,

As someone raised in a Catholic environment Easter has always meant moments of inner reflection considering everything Jesus went through just to “save us”. We were not allowed to even think of eating meat back then. That’s what I learned Easter was all about. Suffering, injustice, betrayal, capital punishment, rage, God’s punishment, mystery, silence… not to mention tears.

We had to go through it all in order to hunt for some chocolate eggs on Sunday, usually somewhere around my grand Dad’s carpentry trunk. Did it pay? Thinking back I believe so, as we hunted for the eggs, my siblings and I along with my cousin neighbors doing a sort of competition, which was nice in a way.

Those days lay far behind in my memory, almost faded away, and as much as I consider myself a person who believes in the goodness of Jesus Christ, I am not a Catholic anymore. I have studied other religions and theories, but I do not concentrate myself on having a “title”, neither teach this to my daughter, the world is full of tricky evil as it is.  So Easter to her is always nice, she knows bits and pieces of the story as we all know bits and pieces to say the truth, and she longs for the wonderful day Jesus is back and in order to celebrate that the Easter bunny brings us chocolate eggs because there is life in eggs, and where there is life there is hope.

That is how I like to celebrate my Easter, having positive thoughts, as if we had a new chance to do what is right. As it is everyday.

We can always do better than we did before, remember we haven’t lived the this moment yet. It is in your hands to do what is right, what is best and what would make people feel better.

Happy Easter

Enjoy your Easter, the best you can, enjoy life the best you can,

Take care,