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The benefit of being kind

Women in general are raised to be kind.

We are given little dolls from the time we are born, and we grow up among them, taking care of them for good.

I personally never bought my own daughter a doll until she herself actually asked me one. Not that she didn’t have dozens of them. For every visit, my whole family, in-laws and friends always figured at one point it should be a nice gift to give her. I do not blame them we all do that.
She began speaking quite early, and I will never forget the day she was only about 15 months she tried to “change” her little doll’s diaper and said to me  “it’s a handful Mom”…
She had surely heard it before either from me or my husband. The fact is that somehow she got into her that she should do that no matter how tired she might become later on…

Coming back to the present 4 years later, and to me and my new job, one day at the register I engaged a conversation to this nice lady -who seamed to be in her middle 30’s-  she mentioned having 7 -seven- kids, and making her own time for knitting! I was so taken aback because I am not that obstinate.
Honestly to me she didn’t look like some one who had that many children and I spoke my mind. To which she thanked me for, my answer to her was that she did not need to thank me all she had to do was to look at herself in the mirror, at that moment she burst into tears, saying that it had been a while since someone was that kind to her.

No matter how hard we work in and/or out our home, we should never allow ourselves to feel so miserably ran down by our lives and chores.

We have to stop for a moment, look at the mirror right into our eyes, and compliment ourselves.

This is being kind and fair.

This keeps us going.

Head up!

Be happy flower-by GlaserCrafts

Take real good care, will you?


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