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Make Up trap

Hello my dear ones!

Last Sunday we went to West Edmonton Mall, to which we are growing quite familiar with. My husband decided he is definitely going to learn ice skating. Honestly speaking, he is doing quite well for someone who started skating 5 months ago, considering the fact that he is a grown-up with lot of other affairs to look after.
As for me, I had all my skating done from the period of 8 to 20 ish.
Given to the size of the mall, I felt more like getting to know it better.

There was a comotion going on that Saturday, and we learned it was a make over sponsored by a sort of fancy shop called The Bay. This was the deal: Spend CDN 50,00 in any cosmetics and you would be entitled to having a makeover. Forgot to mention I took my little one along with me. There we went! I picked a gloss for her and two items for me, that was it: we spent over CDN 50 bucks.

The moment I sat on that chair, what I got was not a make up/over, it was more like a brain wash, because a make up wouldn’t work like that.

I do not know how many of you have been under this experience; either I was too down, empty or something of the sort, or that make up artist is really an artist! She simply threw the question:

What would you like? – I could see it in her eyes she would try and do that for me.

I opened my mouth and in a matter of 3 sentences spoke more than I ever knew about my facial skin condition and how it affected me.

As she started, using the many brushes sitting in her belt, barely touching them on my face, laying colors, shades, awesome effects and all the many techniques she has, I felt as if I would indeed have my very own “make over”.

Now I believe that the way they speak to you is enough to make you feel being rebuilt. By the time I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw what I wanted to see, I really felt 10 years younger, not the physical years, but everything that came within them, from my mother’s stroke and my brother’s painful illness to 2 years of trying to get pregnant.

Some accomplishments. Some set backs. Several sleepless nights, not knowing the best thing to do.

It was as if everything had been washed away from my face, as she managed to cover the dark circles around my eyes (with a magical something she wrote the name down later on). That simple act brought my eyes and myself a kind of new light. I believed I could get “what I would like“.

I don’t see myself as a superficial woman, but I was caught, trapped in the undeniable power of the Make Up.

…            …          …

P.S.:After that experience, I understand better people who take serious risks in going under extreme measures. I do not think I would do that, but I certainly do understand them much better now. And perhaps I will get that magical thing that did cover up the so called  dark circles around my eyes.

One thought on “Make Up trap

  1. This is great! I have inherited my Grandma’s wrinkles and if my face keeps falling I am going to get it a training bra-but alas it is the only face I have-glad you had a wonderful experience-and Thank you for liking my poem.

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