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Crochet towel edging- a new inspiration


I am not  that much a fan of home decor crochet projects, or better say, wasn’t. Just because, it takes us such an amount of time, love and dedication to make let’s say a doily, a rug,or something else, then, someone takes your piece of art, as if it were any other cloth and cleans the floor, or rolls the foot around it, without having the consideration to lift the foot while walking to avoid ruining your production.

Any way I started having actual fun doing this small projects in order to make my home cozier, I kind of like it now, and don’t get so mad if I have to straighten the piece whenever it gets untidy, for the must be excused, they just don’t know anybetter.

I got myself a couple of new crochet magazines, and one of them CrochetWorld June 2012 started to pull off the tip of the yarn that had tangled my imagination.

At last, I finally re-started crocheting, it is a small project but I feel comfortable enough to show you. I just couldn’t stop at the one row edging, see what I did, the magazine is underneath.

Crochet towel edging -by Glaser Crafts
the towel
crochet towel edging- by Glaser Crafts
detail of the rows
crochet towel edging- by Glaser Crafts
the “back” a closer look

Hope you come to like it, thank you for stopping by,

take good care,


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Best mother’s gift ever!


My husband had to go on a conference 4 days preceding the mother’s day, leaving me and my daughter behind. So as I had to work and was feeling a bit weary, we simply enjoyed it here and about, as it was a delightful sunny Sunday.

One of the things she did for me was actually the best mother’s gift ever! I pictured it and for sure you will like too!
He arrived later on that day and we enjoyed as a family, it was great, but this one was the best!


She planted the flowers at school.
Later on that same day -Friday- we bought some street chalks for fun at the backyard…

How about that?
Hope you’ve had a lovely one too!
take care,


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Song for late Daddy- Monalisa by Nat King Cole

Daddy was mine for such a short time, I could only call him Daddy for a bit over 19 years. He died young, not even 50.
Left way too many friends, I don’t know how he managed being kind and remarkable to so many people, but himself.
He was generous, never too strict, easily manageable this my sister and I both knew.
Left us too soon, such a long time ago, 23 years last Monday! -May 14th.
Left us plenty of memories, funny, nice, sour and bitter, pick one.
Though he never ever spent one night away from us, never for a second said he didn’t love us even when we were being naughty, I mean there were 4 of us, you know what I mean. Never disrespected my Mom, always awed her so, that’s how I feel his kind of love for her was. Veneration, adoration, a bit annoying at times…
Good, easy talker, good avid learner, poor background, fought for life. Started working at 14 in night clubs, playing some instrument. -Initially the trump then double bass, 11 known siblings to help and support.

As I said he loved jazz, and the good oldies. So here it is to him, and all of us who love good songs, sung by good singers!
Daddy I love you RIP.


Monalisa by Nat King Cole

Happy day everyone,


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Life at a register

Let me tell you this:

As the Brazilian saying goes: “If the lemon fruit is impossible to eat…make yourself a refreshment!”

My experiences at the till will and must remain really important ones in my life. I have been there for mere 2 months -today, in fact- and it has already changed so much the way I see things now.

We know  is so hard for many people, though now, everyday, every hour I meet at least one true hero. At my workplace people come from the most absolutely different backgrounds and they react in so many different ways to my simplest question the usual: How are you doing today? Today for example a “clearly outstanding” business woman almost had a fit screaming at me she was in a hurry thus had no time for “How are yous”…

I am not better or worse than any one, it is just not the kind of work I never even for once contemplated or figured myself doing, I am not even that good at dealing with the bills in my hands. You know what I mean? There are people who possess either practice or a kind of unborn intimacy and just take the bills and coins as if they would belong and obey their command. That is not me definitely. Which does not stop my usual early costumers from coming and remaining at my register just for the sake of -as they often say to me- seeing a “good morning smile”. -some of them say it changes their days!- for the better I reply.

This job came to me as a part of a training to unable me to do something else, and somehow it became my one alternative there. It is really weary, tiresome and people are not the ones to take the blame.

Teaching is weary and tiring too, but I realized how much I love it! After 23 years of course I know that, well nevertheless it is always good to refresh. I love to see how much people grow and evolve from certain stages to other ones. As a teacher you get to see certain results out of your effort and planning. At the till all you have is that moment, you may cheer some up, hear a sad or intricate story here and there and that is it. As I said some of them are unkind, most of them are not. I myself would never be gentle or rude to a cashier, as most of the times I hardly realized s/he was there, I know I am being mean now, that is true though. In a powerful position you have respect, at a till you have kindness and a bit of compassion, and I figure it must be tough on the ones that had only this opportunities in life. I feel awkward because we should be the same, treat one another the same, we do no treat people the same, be able to give -pose- the same generous smile. It just simply not happens…

I learned so much. It really enriched my life.
I just to share it with you. Next time I will show you my latest projects. Promise!

Take care now,


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Spiral Crochet adornment – free pattern


As I mentioned earlier here it is the spiral or corkscrew crochet pattern. The way I make not the way I learned it .
You might want to try it right away.

Remember if you are not an expert in crochet or feel a little rusty at it by now you can always take a look at some intructions at Annie’s Attic or at Lion Brand site, I love to check there for novelties and nice stuff.

Have fun!



 Fancy Scarflette by Glaser Crafts at Etsy Shop


yarn of your choice
crochet hook  compatible to the chosen yarn
tapestry needle

chain stitch= ch
slip stitch= sl
single crochet=sc
half double crochet= hdc
double crochet=dc
treble or triple crochet=tc


Make about 33 chs
On the third chain from your hook make 2 dc, on the third make 1 dc, ont the fourth make 3 dc, pnt hte fifth make 1 and go on like this until the very last chain. You will see the spiral forming as you go on with your project. fasten off.
Join with your leaveas and flower by sewing with the tapstry needle.

Have fun, take care,


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Crochet leaf -free pattern

Hi there,

I do hope you are doing fine, as I am, today was my day off and I took it to organize a few things I have here, some of them are a few  crochet projects that haven’t been finished yet.

I also took some time to read my posts backwards, I found a request of a reader, I hope she can see it as now I found the time to answer to it properly. she liked the crochet Rose  pattern and asked me how to make a leaf and the spiral too.



I decided just for the matter of filing later, to split the instructions in 2, being the first the instructions on how I make the leaves.

I must let you know hat in case you are just a beginner you might  find Annie’s Attic  instructions really handy

Crochet Leaf:

any kind of yarn
a crochet hook compatible to the yarn you are using

chain stitch= ch
slip stitch= sl
single crochet=sc
half double crochet= hdc
double crochet=dc
treble or triple crochet=tc

Start with 13 chains.
Row 1 – turn your work, make 1 more chain an in the second ch from hook make a sc,*1 hdc in each of the next 2 ch, 1 dc in each of the next 2 chains, 1 tc in the next ch -which will be your 7th chain- 1dc in each of the next 2 chs, 1 hdc in each of your 2 next chains, 1 sc 1ch *and turn your work, do the same stitches you did in the previous row.
Row 2– 1sc in each of the next 2 ch and repeat from *to* . In case you want a “firmer” leaf, do one sl in each chain at the back of the initial chain, in its center,  it will make the leaf looks even more realistic.  I particularly like it.
Fasten off. Make a few and sew the cork/spiral adornment. This pattern is coming soon.

Hope you liked it,

Take care,