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Spiral Crochet adornment – free pattern


As I mentioned earlier here it is the spiral or corkscrew crochet pattern. The way I make not the way I learned it .
You might want to try it right away.

Remember if you are not an expert in crochet or feel a little rusty at it by now you can always take a look at some intructions at Annie’s Attic or at Lion Brand site, I love to check there for novelties and nice stuff.

Have fun!



 Fancy Scarflette by Glaser Crafts at Etsy Shop


yarn of your choice
crochet hook  compatible to the chosen yarn
tapestry needle

chain stitch= ch
slip stitch= sl
single crochet=sc
half double crochet= hdc
double crochet=dc
treble or triple crochet=tc


Make about 33 chs
On the third chain from your hook make 2 dc, on the third make 1 dc, ont the fourth make 3 dc, pnt hte fifth make 1 and go on like this until the very last chain. You will see the spiral forming as you go on with your project. fasten off.
Join with your leaveas and flower by sewing with the tapstry needle.

Have fun, take care,


3 thoughts on “Spiral Crochet adornment – free pattern

  1. Very striking. The flower embellishment is wonderful. I think that you’ve also done a wonderful job on proportioning the flower to the scarf.

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