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Song for late Daddy- Monalisa by Nat King Cole

Daddy was mine for such a short time, I could only call him Daddy for a bit over 19 years. He died young, not even 50.
Left way too many friends, I don’t know how he managed being kind and remarkable to so many people, but himself.
He was generous, never too strict, easily manageable this my sister and I both knew.
Left us too soon, such a long time ago, 23 years last Monday! -May 14th.
Left us plenty of memories, funny, nice, sour and bitter, pick one.
Though he never ever spent one night away from us, never for a second said he didn’t love us even when we were being naughty, I mean there were 4 of us, you know what I mean. Never disrespected my Mom, always awed her so, that’s how I feel his kind of love for her was. Veneration, adoration, a bit annoying at times…
Good, easy talker, good avid learner, poor background, fought for life. Started working at 14 in night clubs, playing some instrument. -Initially the trump then double bass, 11 known siblings to help and support.

As I said he loved jazz, and the good oldies. So here it is to him, and all of us who love good songs, sung by good singers!
Daddy I love you RIP.


Monalisa by Nat King Cole

Happy day everyone,


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