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Why crochet over knitting

I just love to crochet, it hasn’t always been this way though.

Back when I was in college, and worked as a teacher assistant, I had little time for hobbies (once I had to stay up 2 nights in a row in order to  get ready for some finals).

Whenever I had the chance to go home visit my family, Mom and I liked to sit back, chat and keep our hands busy. At that time I liked knitting much better than crochet ’cause it seemed so much faster, in fact I believe it is, once you get  the hang of it, and have an expert by your side -such as my Mom- to fix those stupid mistakes you may make as you go.

I also had the  feeling that when you are knitting it is as if you are creating an exquisite  piece of fabric. I left crochet for my granny doilies and baby outfits.

Never knew that years later I would be so in to crochet. I adore it, it really became my passion. It all started when I was getting too stressed at work-teaching is enchanting but tiresome – and I wanted to pick up a hobby I could perform while I was with my, then, baby daughter.

I tried to get back to oil painting, too smelly it didn’t work out, then learn how to sew, had no talent, knitting again -ops the needles are too long, pointy and I was not that fast anymore, besides I just couldn’t stop in the middle of the row when the baby needed me.

Then crochet crossed my mind. I thought about making a crochet toy Tasha the hippo in Backyardigans cartoon for my daughter. I followed this pattern I found on Lion Brand site, and for the red dress I followed a Brazilian pattern .  She loved it so much, unfortunately I never took its picture, and it was passed on.

I have learned to like crochet ever since. I tend to think that when you learn to love something it gets into you, becomes part of who you are, I can’t resist the colors and so many possibilities that are being unwound by crochet and these  great designer minds full of creativity and unlimited new arrangement for the same old stitches.

That is amazing!

I am recently revisiting my Vogue Knitting CROCHET magazine issue for the 100th time.

If you haven’t gotten yours yet, I would reconsider. It certainly is a splash of color and inspiration to say the least.

Gotta go now,

Take care,


10 thoughts on “Why crochet over knitting

  1. I do both crafts, but for different projects. I’m much faster at crocheting than I am knitting. I would never knit an afghan, but most of my shawlettes are knitted with a crocheted edging. I guess I just mix and match.

  2. I am still trying to learn to knit. It takes time. I don\’t have that time because I just love to keep crocheting! LOL! 🙂

    Which of the Vogue patterns have you thought of making? I saw some of the photos on Ravelry. The designs look amazing!

    1. I would say keep on trying knitting is always handy! I love jewelry and the patterns 10, 21. I also like the diogonal and circle tops, on pages 62 and 63. I loved the purses on page 48 and 68. The pineaple, again, cowl and socks. Not because of the complexity which they have not, but for the combination of colors and how elegant the final result is presented. Another thing I liked was the yummy crochet veggies.
      But right now I am bound by a promise to make a doll carrier for my little one. So my other projects will just have to wait.
      Take good care!

  3. Hi – thanks for liking my posts! I so love this post especially and yes, I agree, the making really does become part of who you are – I too like crochet for it’s ease in fitting into everyday family life! Thanks for a lovely blog..

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