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About Boys and Dolls

-“It is alright if they play with the dolls! Hey Allan*, take this barbie, which one do you want? Cinderella or what?”
-“I want the one in the pink dress, I love pink.” Said the 5-year-old boy.
-“No you don’t, you are a boy! You don’t really mean it.” replied his elder brother. Who was also taking part of the game.
The other girls were in a sort of shock, as he looked at Betty, the girl who had just backed him up to see in her eyes if he could throw the real answer, because she still seemed O.K. with that. He finally let go:
-” I do, I do, I love dollies, I actually like pink, and I prefer girls toys, ’cause they are so much more fun!”
At the sound of that, the other three girls laughed out loud. Betty then just went like:
-” Guys it is alright, don’t laugh because he likes to play in the doll house.”
Since it is hers and everyone else felt like playing there too soon the prejudice faded away.
She did right, I was proud of her! After a while my husband came down, didn’t quite get the picture and said why are those boys there? Six kids on that dollhouse? Isn’t that too much?
I agreed, but our daughter had done so well I didn’t want to be the one to spoil that game. They got to stay for 40 more minutes, ’till it was bath time.
When everyone was gone, I let her know how proud of her I was I was, to which she simply replied:
-“Remember the other day when you and Daddy told me boys might become better parents if they got to play with dolls too? I really think they can be nice daddies one day…”

Don’t you?

Take care,


P.S.: Kids ages: boys 5 and 8. Girls 6,6,7 and 9. *Names were changed for obvious reasons.