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Coconut Candy crochet cap


I know the name I picked for this cap may sound a bit funny for those of you who do not know the Brazilian culture, we adore coconut.

In general I mean. There are plenty of coconut trees along side our beaches and in many lucky people’s yards not necessarily on the coast side of the country. Despite the abundance of coconuts, seldom of us can go grab them… It’s not like you are born with the Tarzan and Jane skills.

We get the fruit (still green) at a local market, sometimes at coconut stands, where you get to pick one have it opened for you, take a seat drink its water with the help of a straw, and later on in case you want to eat the inside, you can always have them open it for you. It is nice, healthy and refreshing.

When the coconut is already brown on the outside and its “water” gains a different consistancy, but yet delicious taste, we crack it open it or by it already opened and we are able to make all sorts of food from rice, chicken, fish etc, to the most heavenly cakes, icing, candies… I love them all. Coconut candies may be white or brown, crunchy or just soft enough to be eaten with a spoon, make it a tablespoon the more the better.

Having that said, now you know how much I love it, I show you this little adorable creation, my Coconut Candy crochet cap as sweet to me as the candy can be.

Hope you like it,

Coconut Candy Crochet Cap

Coconut Candy Crochet Cap

Coconut Candy- Crochet cap

take good care,


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Garden Baby crochet Cap

Hi everyone,

I have been busy crocheting these baby caps/hats/beanies for a few moms to be in my neighborhood, as I once said they really captivate me!
There is a whole bunch of them actually; unfortunately I delivered a most of them without even saying a proper “good bye”,  which means sewing the shop tag to them! I know that was a bad mistake! Anyway there is always a time for us to be forgetful.

This one became a little darling already, I made quite a few since the past August. I made it inspired by my  Rose  Garden Cap which was made for kids from 2-4 years of age.

Now who said a baby can’t be glamorous?  That’s it, I was able to picture it hope you like!

Garden Baby Cap- GlaserCrafts
Garden Baby Cap-  Glaser Crafts
Garden Baby Crochet cap- by Glaser Crafts
Garden Baby cap- by Glaser Crafts


Back to stitching now, promise I’ll be back soon with more of them,

Take good care,


A bit of myself · Blog Award

Blog Award for Beautiful bloggers!

Hi fellows,

I can’t take it any longer, that is it! How unfair could I keep on being? Sorry Jeny I bet you never expected me doing that. I got my beautiful award, got happy and all, and just simply didn’t keep my end of the …bargain! Blame me if you please, I am so sorry for that. The thing is that I have been… actually there is no excuse for that, no matter what, apart form saying that it has become hard for me to select 7 blogs out of so many truly beautiful ones, anyway, here I go. I love these blogs not only because of their content, but also because their authors are amazingly generous people, please please do not consider the order of appearance as a preference one:

Beautiful Blogger Award








Be sure to check on every single one of them!

… … …

I should also say 7 things about me,

1– Still in love with Canada,
2– Trying to juggle mothering, crafting, blogging, and let’s  not forget the husband and the house.
3– Love to read,
4– Love when people comment on my blog,
5– Starting to create patterns of my own,
6-Haven’t given up learning how to take good pics,
7– Love it when you come by:)

See you soon & take care


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Beautiful Blog Award Nomination

I was really delighted by the nomination I recently received from Jeny Jenny at Project Remnant Redo. This award now refers to a Beautiful Blog Award! Considering my blog is a sort of craft blog, I felt so excited about this award!

Glaser Tips new award-

Thank you Jeny! I constantly read her blogs she has a nice one about knitting too, the Wednesday Knitting go take a look at it and I bet you won´t regret!

At last life has come to its usual pace now that my daughter is back to school, a new one by the way. I sure will miss the other one,  the kids and volunteering there. It so happens that this one is nearer and a bit smaller too, in my opinion it will be better for her and considering she already LOVED IT I feel at ease.

So I can resume my crochet projects, and due o my neighbors request  I am engaged in a neat one now a days! Which is crochet for babies! Cute little projects, as you can see in my flickr pics  full of love and grace. I do take kids baby crochet something out of ordinary,  ’cause babies are to be respected and welcomed in our World in every possible way we can,  so with it in mind I tend to produce their apparel with extra love and care.  It did not surprise me when some of my clients wrote me back saying they could feel a good vibration in the piece I had shipped them. That is how I like to work, and that is why I thought it was a good ide to come back producing it. Hope you like the up coming pictures!

Take good care,