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Beautiful Blog Award Nomination

I was really delighted by the nomination I recently received from Jeny Jenny at Project Remnant Redo. This award now refers to a Beautiful Blog Award! Considering my blog is a sort of craft blog, I felt so excited about this award!

Glaser Tips new award-

Thank you Jeny! I constantly read her blogs she has a nice one about knitting too, the Wednesday Knitting go take a look at it and I bet you won´t regret!

At last life has come to its usual pace now that my daughter is back to school, a new one by the way. I sure will miss the other one,  the kids and volunteering there. It so happens that this one is nearer and a bit smaller too, in my opinion it will be better for her and considering she already LOVED IT I feel at ease.

So I can resume my crochet projects, and due o my neighbors request  I am engaged in a neat one now a days! Which is crochet for babies! Cute little projects, as you can see in my flickr pics  full of love and grace. I do take kids baby crochet something out of ordinary,  ’cause babies are to be respected and welcomed in our World in every possible way we can,  so with it in mind I tend to produce their apparel with extra love and care.  It did not surprise me when some of my clients wrote me back saying they could feel a good vibration in the piece I had shipped them. That is how I like to work, and that is why I thought it was a good ide to come back producing it. Hope you like the up coming pictures!

Take good care,


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