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Blog Award for Beautiful bloggers!

Hi fellows,

I can’t take it any longer, that is it! How unfair could I keep on being? Sorry Jeny I bet you never expected me doing that. I got my beautiful award, got happy and all, and just simply didn’t keep my end of the …bargain! Blame me if you please, I am so sorry for that. The thing is that I have been… actually there is no excuse for that, no matter what, apart form saying that it has become hard for me to select 7 blogs out of so many truly beautiful ones, anyway, here I go. I love these blogs not only because of their content, but also because their authors are amazingly generous people, please please do not consider the order of appearance as a preference one:

Beautiful Blogger Award








Be sure to check on every single one of them!

… … …

I should also say 7 things about me,

1– Still in love with Canada,
2– Trying to juggle mothering, crafting, blogging, and let’s  not forget the husband and the house.
3– Love to read,
4– Love when people comment on my blog,
5– Starting to create patterns of my own,
6-Haven’t given up learning how to take good pics,
7– Love it when you come by:)

See you soon & take care


4 thoughts on “Blog Award for Beautiful bloggers!

  1. Thank you so much for nominating me for the beautiful blogger award. It’s good to know that what you write is being read (and even liked!). I love the variety of your blog too – I will keep popping back to hear more. x

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