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White Elf’s crochet hat

A few months ago as I was having a chat I came across this elf’s hat request. “Do you know those long tailed crochet hats that go along the babies bodies?” I had seen them, in Brazil they are not popular at all, but due to my passion for different things I had already seen those, and kind of gotten puzzled by the way they could be made. Well this person happens to be a neighbor, a model who is starting in the field of photography.

We kind of made a deal I would find out and have one made for her, an in exchange she would take its picture for me. I did, sadly though she has not got the chance to have a baby that would fit its size for a  photo shoot section. So I came up with, well maybe you could make the picture without the baby in there.

She did and in fact she made an awesome work, so I hope you like it too. In case you fell like getting in touch with her the here is her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/jennaleightrappmann.

Furry White Elfs Hat

Happy crocheting,


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Crochet Capcake


Two nights ago my husband said that, sleep talking I asked if he was going to eat the capcake, he didn’t really know what I meant by that ’cause he actually didn’t, couldn’t know “our” little secret.
There is the thing, she-by that I mean my inventive daughter- had asked me a crochet cup cake hat. Of course there are several enchanting ones in the web, but I tryed to creat my own, I am really pleased with its final reult, and already have some thing else up my sleeve, hope you all like my Capcake


take care, happy crocheting!


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Early snow and a rainbow crochet hat

Hi everyone,
Yes, it is snowing, I kind of liked it, and part of me is mad at me for not having renewed my driver’s license, luckily the cold weather is above Zero -just above.

thing layer of the snow in the Fall
thin layer of the early snow in the Fall

Well in the midst of that I managed to make one more cap that I called Rainbow cozy -because of the ear flaps, and hope you like.

Gotta go to bed, it is kind of late you know!

Rainbow Cozy crochet hat
Rainbow Cozy crochet hat

Take good care,


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Shh, shh, baby’s sleeping -crochet doll bed-bag -free pattern


I finally made it! After a few months -in fact I let it aside for 2 for the holidays, then my second-hand sewing machine left me by myself, then I had a few orders (as you may know those baby caps), and this project that started as a crochet baby crib, then a bed, then she needed a bag for it, she got a little over the edge, until I finally settled it as a bed-beg. She liked, and accoerding to her friends “she is so lucky”.

What I used:

Handicrafter, 1 of those super saver sizes, in this girly pink colors, and a hook in a size that would give it a sort of “stern” look, 4,5 mm.

My steps:

So initially it consisted of a big oval flat crochet base started with 45 stitches 3 to turn continued on the opposite side, across 3 to join. Up to a size that she would be comfortable to carry  her doll in. To which I attached the sides,  made is single crochet rows, after I added handles, which need to be shortened by the way I just realized yesterday. I made 90 chains for the heading and feet area. Inside I created, now I was lazy, because I had to hand sew, a sort of “mattress, and some side cushions to make it cozy, I mean a Comfy Crochet. All those can be detached as she asked me to use card board in order to make the sides and base firmer and let’s face it the bag will have to be washed at times. When you do detach the sides and bottom matterss out it turns into a big bag, for her to put her toys into and go play outside with her other friends. It came in handy, and avoids them coming in and out all the time.

It still needs some inside pockets to carry the diapers, baby food, and her water bottle…

Here follows the pictures I took:

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Crochet Pink Muffler


The muffler I posted today is an item for the ladies, not that I ran out of kids caps, but just for a change.

I was counting on a bit more of warm sun in this Sunny Alberta, but the weather turned vigorously on us and dropped drastically from 27C last week down to the chilling maximum of  just 10C, wait ther is more tomorrow, they are forecasting SNOW! Wow, this is early, last year it didn’t show up before November 12th! It alright, now we pretty much know what to wear, how to walk on the snow and other things.
I most certainly hope we can have as much fun as we had last year.

I am thinking this humble muffler won’t make it for Alberta’s Fall, but I like it and I it was fun to make, just hope someone is ready to “adopt it” and soon enough start wearing it. Most of all, hope you are fine and come again to meet me another time,

Take care,