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Shh, shh, baby’s sleeping -crochet doll bed-bag -free pattern


I finally made it! After a few months -in fact I let it aside for 2 for the holidays, then my second-hand sewing machine left me by myself, then I had a few orders (as you may know those baby caps), and this project that started as a crochet baby crib, then a bed, then she needed a bag for it, she got a little over the edge, until I finally settled it as a bed-beg. She liked, and accoerding to her friends “she is so lucky”.

What I used:

Handicrafter, 1 of those super saver sizes, in this girly pink colors, and a hook in a size that would give it a sort of “stern” look, 4,5 mm.

My steps:

So initially it consisted of a big oval flat crochet base started with 45 stitches 3 to turn continued on the opposite side, across 3 to join. Up to a size that she would be comfortable to carry  her doll in. To which I attached the sides,  made is single crochet rows, after I added handles, which need to be shortened by the way I just realized yesterday. I made 90 chains for the heading and feet area. Inside I created, now I was lazy, because I had to hand sew, a sort of “mattress, and some side cushions to make it cozy, I mean a Comfy Crochet. All those can be detached as she asked me to use card board in order to make the sides and base firmer and let’s face it the bag will have to be washed at times. When you do detach the sides and bottom matterss out it turns into a big bag, for her to put her toys into and go play outside with her other friends. It came in handy, and avoids them coming in and out all the time.

It still needs some inside pockets to carry the diapers, baby food, and her water bottle…

Here follows the pictures I took: