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Crochet Capcake


Two nights ago my husband said that, sleep talking I asked if he was going to eat the capcake, he didn’t really know what I meant by that ’cause he actually didn’t, couldn’t know “our” little secret.
There is the thing, she-by that I mean my inventive daughter- had asked me a crochet cup cake hat. Of course there are several enchanting ones in the web, but I tryed to creat my own, I am really pleased with its final reult, and already have some thing else up my sleeve, hope you all like my Capcake


take care, happy crocheting!



7 thoughts on “Crochet Capcake

    1. Thank you so much, I love the way you write your blog and feel very pleased your liked my Capcake! You may have your own at my shop you know, just do not forget to ask for a different size, but bear in mind it is a cap! Take good care,

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