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Back on crochet track


I hope you all had the most wonderful holidays, mine  was so nice!

We enjoyed each and every moment of it. For Christmas eve we did visit a couple of friends, spent the loveliest afternoon, before rushing to the church where my husband, despite not being religious, played beautiful tunes with his trio Voila! Though they have been playing as a trio no longer than a year, the 3 of them have large experience and share true passion for music!

My daughter simply loved the play at the church when she could actually learn how “Jesus was born” . We had a nice dinner out and since she slept on the way back home she only saw what Santa had left her on the following day the 25th. She loved it.

Santa really knows best, since it was not got what she had asked for – in secrecy and not told a soul, but “Magic Santa”- he really figured out what she needed indeed. On that spent the most delicious day at the dearest friends as well.

So with the burden of offering a Merry Christmas to her, out of the way we could relax and enjoy visiting more and more friends, socializing and having lots of fun. They the mentioned trio even made a delightful concert on January 2nd, which was full of life and talent! We are now so invigorated for this New Year to come.

I know I failed telling you this, but my husband had been invited to renew his research and we are now spending one more year here that means up until 2014. Isn’t it interesting?

So with that being said I have to go now! see you pretty soon with a few surprises I hope!

Happy New Year!



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