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Crochet, flowers, Spring is here!

I am doing great, hope you are too!

Recently many things are going on in my life, I am writing a lot, though not in my blogs, I still think it is worth, so I go on pursuing something that I hope I let you know in the (near?) future.

Anyway, it’s inevitable now, since most shops, TV ads, and even the weather (yes, here in Alberta, too) is changing. I know it is supposed to start to become more green, but up here for us things are just less “white”. Never mind though, I love it here, and the feeling of Spring coming back is so invigorating.

So talking about Spring today I got this newsletter with tons of  Spring ideas   -read flowers- and free patterns,  it is from All free Crochet, they are here for us to enjoy!

As you can see I love crocheting flowers! Here is a sample of mine :

flowers Glaser Crafts
flowers Glaser Crafts
Glaser Crafts flowers
Glaser Crafts flowers

I keep trying to post constantly in my Facebook page is a faster for me, it has many images, free patterns I find on the internet and so, if you haven’t “liked it” yet, please do so you will be able to have even more fresh ideas,’ inspiring’ ones as I like to think of them.

They are full of new ideas, and fresh ones that can boost our imagination make us finish off those yarns already used in some other project, so have fun!

Take care,


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