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Tons of Crochet free e-books

Hi everyone,

I failed to have mentioned before, I have been revisiting my handmade jewelry “talent” and a considerable amount of pieces must be done by the end of May. There is going to be a great Summer Fair and I have been honored with the opportunity to take part in it. I am crocheting as well but I am having fun with other things too.

I love crafting, it is in my genes, creating with jewelry is thrilling to me too it’s been a long time  ever since I did it consistently and with my adorable beloved Dog Wolly -a Bichon Frise- who would stay patiently under my seat for an uncountable amount of hours ’till we stood up for our walk in the afternoon, long before my daughter was born. He was then only a puppy and now is almost 12 years old.

Anyway, checking on my daily emails today I decided to take a break and let you know the incredible amount of free e-books on Crochet available at Free Crochet  here you have the link, I do hope you check it up, you won’t regret,

take good care,


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