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Redilicious Loop Earring Jewelry- blog discount

Hello everyone,

There is this nice lady whose work in Education and life I admire so much. My husband works with her. She is kind and has a lovely soul, one of those people we meet once ina blue moon. She happened to like some of my pieces and had a special request.

I loved doing this nice piece of jewelry for her, and did it with all my heart:


redilicious loop earring
redilicious loop earring- by Glaser Crafts


There is a necklace for t too and the set goes like this:

redilicious loop earring and necklace set by Glaser Crafts
redilicious loop earring and necklace set- by Glaser Crafts


I put the set up at my Etsy Shop feel free to take a peak at some other and unique versions I made in red. In case you feel like purchasing as a reader of my blog, please send a comment and you will be given a $5,00 off discount for the set as a thank you.

Take real good care, thank you for stopping by,





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