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Crochet Colourful Purse

Hi everybody,

As I was once again browsing some seriously beautiful crochet, and crafts sites I came across this one and the site is Magic with hook and needles adorable!


I showed my daughter, because now she is 8 and of course needs a larger purse whenever she is on a spree with her daddy.
I absolutely loved this one though she asked me to make some changes, she is right not only because she is not a grown up but most importantly I like to give things my personal touch. So I followed the multi color idea, the ‘patchwork’ kind of style, I adored the colours she initially used so I stuck to them and changed some little thing here and there, it is almost coming to an end, so take a peak before I go ahead and do the lining.

glasercrafts crochet colored pursefront of the purse



DSCF3439back of it

colorful crochet purse
colorful crochet purse
colorful crochet purse

I have to take more pics and show you on Sunday hopefully, and have to go now,

take good care of yourselves,


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