I am a  Brazilian who recently mover to Canada on the account of my husband’s post-doctoral research. I graduated in Tourism, but  always have worked in a different fields. At the moment I am a stay home mom, and love to work with fiber art.

I think of myself as a person who likes people. I like to look at them on the streets, in buses, in their cars at the mall. I spend time watching around.

I like to find different ways to do the same thing.

I have this pretty little daughter, intelligent and happy that completes me as a person and always makes me want to improve.

I have always been a fan of crochet an Art learned from my dear granny Beatriz when I was just 8. She was a great woman. My mother-a proud craft instructor  and mother of 4, also taught me a lot, specially about knitting and painting.

Colors are my fascination!

I want to share with you a little of my work. Things that I make up or learn. I hope we have good moments together!

See you next time,

Drikka Glaser

16 thoughts on “About

  1. You are my absolute fav craft blogger and have so many fresh ideas.Your so creative and inspire me constantly to design,knit and love life.

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