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Redilicious Loop Earring Jewelry- blog discount

Hello everyone,

There is this nice lady whose work in Education and life I admire so much. My husband works with her. She is kind and has a lovely soul, one of those people we meet once ina blue moon. She happened to like some of my pieces and had a special request.

I loved doing this nice piece of jewelry for her, and did it with all my heart:


redilicious loop earring
redilicious loop earring- by Glaser Crafts


There is a necklace for t too and the set goes like this:

redilicious loop earring and necklace set by Glaser Crafts
redilicious loop earring and necklace set- by Glaser Crafts


I put the set up at my Etsy Shop feel free to take a peak at some other and unique versions I made in red. In case you feel like purchasing as a reader of my blog, please send a comment and you will be given a $5,00 off discount for the set as a thank you.

Take real good care, thank you for stopping by,





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Glaser Crafts in a Festival!

Hello my friends,

Yes, that’s it, finally the day that I had been getting ready for arrived the Oliver Community Festival!

Last Saturday we witnessed the most clement weather, one would think we are strong prayers since it rained the whole entire past week, but on Saturday I could swear it was going to rain. Instead the nicest bright vivid Sun come out.

As if saying , “Go you guys do not fret, I’ll give you this break.” So the day was a bless.

I had cold feet, won’t pretend. I got prepared with loads of handmade jewelry, it didn’t make me any good, there were 4 other jewelry stands in there. And mine was …say humble. ’till I remembered that there was a substantial difference in my products. They were all part of me, who I am and what I have become as a craftswoman. There are HANDMADE.

So I quickly wrote this on a piece of paper see? -Yeah, that’s the paper.


From that moment on I said to myself, there, there is nothing else I can do. I sat down took my hook, my yarn and the beautiful flower I was working on. This was enough to have people crossing the street to take a closer look at my hand made work, they would at least praise me, and comment with their friends.

I got flattered, so even if I did not make as many sales as I was hoping to, I got an immense sense of gratitude, in the sense that people recognized my work. They also ordered some items, and believe me as for the crochet, I sold my beautiful flowers. As I was making them. Again my first time, I had no proper pins for them but quickly arranged some of my sewing ones (I keep in the emergency kit in my purse) to attach at the back.

That is soo good. I’ll let you with some of the pictures I took right before the event, promise to post some more!

GlaserCrafts Handmade necklaces
Glaser Crafts Handmade necklaces


Glaser Crafts Handmade earrings
Glaser Crafts Handmade earrings

That’s all for now,

hope I have some time tomorrow!

Take care,