Black Crochet Top

Hi everyone,

It has been quite a while I know! I have been working hard, there is always something new to learn, I am getting old from learning, but still crafty!

Between the coloring, crochet family and work my life is been very interesting I should say. Anyway on another time I show you some of the coloring, but now I feel more like showing the crochet top I am working on.It is black as I have to wear black to work, the original is in lavender which I love though black is nice too,


So let me get going I’ll change the sleeves too ’cause i need my coverage against the AC. Hope you like it, I do!

Till the next time,

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Drikka Glaser













Bloomsbury Crochet Top II


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Hello again, I am so excited to be almost done my awesome Bloomsbury crochet top, all there is to it is the left sleeve and blocking. I don’t particularly like to block but in this case because there are so … Continue reading

Crochet Bloomsbury Top


Hello you,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, as we did, it was quiet and blessed and even though my daughter turned 9 in February the Easter bunny paid her a visit, and life goes on. Despite the challenges Spring break represents for working parents who care about kids having fun and taking a break from school.

I am still at the same job, now for 19 months where I have the opportunity to meet new people everyday and never have a dull moment, it is nice and conveniently closeso yeah, I am still there.

I squeezed in some quality time within my chores and now I am working on this nice project I found in Interweave Crochet Magazine I had for a while now, and also this yarn Unforgettable that mesmerized me by its nice Sunrise colours that I love so much. So I took some shots I don’t like how they came out for the poor lightning, but you can have some idea.

Hope to be done soon and show you more pics.

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Bloomsbury top interweave mag

Bloomsbury top -interweave mag


first flowers joined- bloomsbury top

first flowers joined bloomsbury top

First panel- Bloomsbury top

First panel Bloomsbury top

Colorful Crochet purse- final project


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So this is it, with no further ado, it finally came to an end: loved its corners, they gave a better shape to it and a better bottom too! at the bottom I did a sort of a seam with … Continue reading

Dollar Store Scarf Up-graded


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I know it has been a long time but my hands are still busy! Hope you are doing fine! Just because everyone and I mean everyone seems to have at least one item with some animal print, I decided to … Continue reading

Crochet Pineapple top- for women


Hi my friends,

I hope you are all doing well, I have to wer black to winork, and plus I’ve always wanted to try this pineapple top I saw the pattern a looooong time ago so I believe 3 to 4 years, I bought a magazine with one variation of the pattern and left is aside. Now I made up my mind but did not want to follow one pattern only, so I kind of made the top with larger pineapple motif and because I thought it might become a little too loose make only chains alond the body I did some variation of stitches, therefore I did not get bored  and it did make my “belly” feel more let’s just say protected. At the bottom I did smaller sizd pineapples and because I did not count the stitches as I went along I had to make  them work in order to have even motif numbers.

Of course I used did 5 chains and 1 sc to finish off at the last row just because it seemed right.

I already had some compliments, but what it best, I loved the final result.

black pipineapple crochet top- larger pineapples at the beginning- by Glaser Craftsneapple crochet top-by GlaserCrafts

black pineapple crochet top-by GlaserCrafts

pineapple crochet top- larger pineapples at the beginning- by Glaser Crafts

pineapple crochet top- larger pineapples at the beginning- by Glaser Crafts

crochet pineapple black top- bottom with smaller pineapples- by GlaserCrafts

crochet pineapple black top- bottom with smaller pineapples- by GlaserCrafts

Hope you liked it too, take good care,


Flower Power


Hello my friends,

Well most of you know about my love for Canada and the Snow from my “odes” last year in my blog, it is still true. As I come from a hot steaming country, I do look up at snow and its beauty.

We are ever so glad to be able to extand our stay here until next year.

Now I am beginning to think that it might be time for some colors, other than white. Anyway the birds are coming back and they bring more life to what was once in a pause so to speak.

Along with the birds, at school we are working on Spring projects and people at my local mall the Londonderry Mall  across the street are starting to purchse and wear more daring colors other than black-white and brown.

Bearing that in mind I started with my Summer projects I found this pattern on line :

flower pattern found on line

flower pattern found on line


And did this little flower,  just added some edging  to them to make them more ruffled. After I’ll make sure to find a good use for it.

I sure made others later on, just need to take some pics.

Pink flower by Glaser Crafts

Pink flower by Glaser Crafts

Hope you like it,


Take care,