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Rose Bud- crochet free pattern

Hi everyone,

You all might wonder what the pattern for these little rose buds is. These ones that I have as a background in my blog right now.

Yes I do have it, in fact I created them, allow me tell you why, and how.

About three years ago, my GlaserCrafts in Brazil was starting to take off, I crocheted like crazy for people who usually called me, or saw my work on a friend, and so on. A very nice lady wrote me the loviliest e-mail, in which she said it was time for her to move on and find herself a new love.

She then asked me to make one lariat, just like the Neck Bouquet she threw me the quest, she wanted colors in it, colors that would match her personality (I had never heard of her before that e-mail). She insisted by looking at my work I would know what colors to use. I would certainly know what colors a woman needs when she is opening herself up for a new love. Those were her words. I took it seriously, studied a bit of color combinations, colors that would be in for that Summer, and made her lariat.

Before I sewed the rose buds on I took a picture of them in a chocolate candy box, they looked nice, to my taste. I promised never to take a picture of the final work as she was very emotional about it and asked to have it just for herself without any copies.

I was very touched by her thank you e-mail when she got the lariat delivered!

Even though I have no photos to show you, here are the buds that I will tell you how to make:


Starting out:

Crochet hook compatible with the yarn you are using, see in the label for a notion of the yarn you will need.

Some Yarn the color you desire your bud to be.

a pair of Scissors and a tapestry needle

(I used in the example the yarn EcoFio in red (left over from my daughter’s dress) and hook 4,0 mm).


ch= chain

dc= double crochet

sc= single crochet

hdc= half double crochet

You start out with a slip knot, make 13 chains, turn your work.

Rose Bud - GlaserCrafts
Rose Bud – free pattern GlaserCrafts

On the third chain make a sc, then on the fourth ch make *1sc+1hdc+1sc; skip one chain*,  sc in the next ch*, then repeat form * to *on the next ch make 3 dc skip next chain, 1 sc in the next chain*,  repeat from * to * until the last chain.

rose bud- glaser crafts

Fasten off. Leave a long tail. Now with the tapestry needle you’re going to sew the rose just like you did on the big Red Rose we made in one of my previous post. Sew the tail in to form your rose bud.

rose bud- glaser crafts

You will have a bigger or smaller bud depending on how many chains you make at the beginning.


so I hope you have fun, you know you can always write me in case of doubt,

take super care,