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Purple Crochet Cushion Cover

Hi everyone,

Think of the time, it’s been almost one year since I last posted! Reason being I haven’t been up to crocheting  lately.

I haven’t been up to coloring either, because we finally decided to hang out here for longer so last year – in December more precisely we bit the bullet and purchased a townhouse here in Edmonton and between making this a home instead of a house, working a lot at my job, and reading lots of books, I left my other activities dorment for this while, because don’t you dare forget I’m also a mom and wife.

Never mind recently my already pre-teen beautiful daughter asked me to crochet some cushion covers for her bedroom. And I started looking for my long forgotten nonetheless beloved crochet material.

Looking up on Pinterest after so many months had passed has been fun. Here I came across a beautiful thread cushion cover on Simply Crochet magazine and it gave me the necessary boost to re start. Here is how it is coming along.

Thank you for stopping by, next time I come back I’ll show you the final result. I’m making two by the way.

I really mean it when I say I missed you and this cozy corner,



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Black Crochet Top

Hi everyone,

It has been quite a while I know! I have been working hard, there is always something new to learn, I am getting old from learning, but still crafty!

Between the coloring, crochet family and work my life is been very interesting I should say. Anyway on another time I show you some of the coloring, but now I feel more like showing the crochet top I am working on.It is black as I have to wear black to work, the original is in lavender which I love though black is nice too,


So let me get going I’ll change the sleeves too ’cause i need my coverage against the AC. Hope you like it, I do!

Till the next time,

Thank you for stopping by,


Drikka Glaser












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Two crochet jackets for two baby boys

Hello everybody,

I love Bernat Yarn, I just do. This yarn is so soft and never let me down in any of my projects so far, not that I ‘m crocheting that much but you know what I mean. It took me a while to get used t Canadian yarns or should I say Canadian/American yarn, though after a few tryouts I became such a fan of some a them, to the point that well let’s just say a big fan of them.
So my lovely neighbour came home early 2015 to say they were pregnant with twins, I guess we were, one of, the first to know because just were coming back from the doctor.

All the year went by and whenever I thought of a gift I knew I had to make a crochet jacket for them, I don´t know it is j the way it is supposed to be, after all we were one of the firs to know.

So of course her water broke before expected, and once again of course I hadn’ t made anything yet: too much work a promotion at work, learning a new position all that got in the away. Then we went back home in the summer I could go on and on and on. I had to do it for Christmas when they would be 3 months being premature. I don’t know about you but to me half of the fun is choosing the pattern, and f course not following it and finding out ways to finish off. With all that being taken care of I made them these cute little things.

Crochet Baby jacket for Owen-by glasercrafs
Crochet Baby jacket for Owen -by glasercrafts

Crochet Baby jacket for Harris- by glasercraftsCrochet Baby jacket for Harris -by glasercrafts

Their Mom almost passed out, and I was so glad she understood that handmade gifts have love in every piece of their way, love in every stitch.

These beys have a lot of love to keep them warm.

Be safe,


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Bloomsbury Crochet Top II

Hello again,

I am so excited to be almost done my awesome Bloomsbury crochet top, all there is to it is the left sleeve and blocking. I don’t particularly like to block but in this case because there are so many pieces connected to one another I believe they will look much nicer once relaxed and properly stretched. Of course my daughter asked me for one, which I doubt she will actually wear, but I’ll think about it, for now take a look and let me know, I am aware of how vibrating this yarn’s colours are but for one who HAS to wear black at work I don’t mind embracing a rainbow a bit.

bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts
bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts
Bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts
Bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts


Bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts
Bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts

Next time it will be complete, hopefully,


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Crochet Bloomsbury Top

Hello you,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, as we did, it was quiet and blessed and even though my daughter turned 9 in February the Easter bunny paid her a visit, and life goes on. Despite the challenges Spring break represents for working parents who care about kids having fun and taking a break from school.

I am still at the same job, now for 19 months where I have the opportunity to meet new people everyday and never have a dull moment, it is nice and conveniently closeso yeah, I am still there.

I squeezed in some quality time within my chores and now I am working on this nice project I found in Interweave Crochet Magazine I had for a while now, and also this yarn Unforgettable that mesmerized me by its nice Sunrise colours that I love so much. So I took some shots I don’t like how they came out for the poor lightning, but you can have some idea.

Hope to be done soon and show you more pics.

Thank you for stopping by,



Bloomsbury top interweave mag
Bloomsbury top -interweave mag


first flowers joined- bloomsbury top
first flowers joined bloomsbury top
First panel- Bloomsbury top
First panel Bloomsbury top
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Crochet Happy Coloured Pouch

Hi you guys,

I am incorrigible for loving colours so much! As a little girl I’ve always loved rainbows, lucky me back then it really rained nearly every afternoon in my hometown. When it didn’t and it happened to be a Saturday, Dad would remedy the situation by either washing the dog or the car, or both, and spraying water into the air so as if to make us see the rainbow he had so artistically not to say magically created right there before our very own eyes. Back then we didn’t have to save the planet nor water. I guess there were not as many people in the world as my (now 9 year-old) daughter says: “Back in the olden days”, I try to explain 30 something years ago is not classified as “olden days”, but I don’t think she gets it, would I?

So anyway this is the gift I made for her friend, another sweet little girl from school, intended for her birthday, which was last month…

It is light and kind of small just to carry the ‘essentials’, lined with small little butterflies to flutter by whenever she opens it to fetch this or that. Sure hope she likes it.


crochet coloured pouch
crochet coloured pouch
crochet coloured pouch
crochet coloured pouch -beads and tassel
crochet coloured pouch- round granny
crochet coloured pouch
crochet coloured pouch-smile
crochet coloured pouch-smile
crochet coloured pouch- lined with butterflies, and pocket featured
crochet coloured pouch- lined with butterflies



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Merry Christmas with -Lucy Attic 24 little Christmas bird

Hi everyone,

I know I know I have been working hard, been through good and bad times, we are alive and life consists of experiencing all sorts of emotions. What makes me tired though is that sometimes all of them or a large amount of them tend to happen on the same day. Yeah, but then again this is me and my life as it is.
So my dear ones I know I have been away for too long, it does not mean I haven’ t written whatsoever, it is just that I never finished a text or even worse, never revised the ones I did finish writing. This time it is different I will publish what seems to be the last text of the year.
And we did celebrate Christmas, as I once mentioned I love the idea of Christmas mind you it is not Holidays, but Christmas and all there is to it, the food, aromas, magic, feelings and the very notion of Peaceful Love .
It so happens that even though I had worked to my extreme -long hours- when both my arms felt sore from flipping each and every item I sold -at work-, scanning them, entering the few commands we have to at the till; my cheeks were sore from smiling and wishing Merry Christmas to each customer, my head spinning with my nonsense small talk while doing all that. God was I ever creative.

The following day was 24th already we were to spend with nice friends. After all my plans for dessert failed  I decided to stitch up this nice little guy I saw in Simply Crochet magazine, a pattern by Lucy at the Attic24 since there came all the material in a  packaging and this was my Friendship bird. I must confess I did not follow the pattern closely because I got astray but I followed the shape and picture and liked the result:

scandi bird- by Lucy Attic 24
Scandi Bird -Lucy Attic 24
my Scandi bird -by Lucy Attic 24
Scandi Bird -Lucy Attic 24

Hope you like it too, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,


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Colorful Crochet purse- final project

So this is it, with no further ado, it finally came to an end:

  • loved its corners, they gave a better shape to it and a better bottom too!
  • at the bottom I did a sort of a seam with the pink row!
  • There is a lining, with a nice couple of pockets,
  • I sewed some buttoms she herself picked to make it even funnier,
  • reinforced the handles,
  • used  some nice cetim ribbon,
  • nice little chiffon flowers in each corner of my granny square.
  • ziper, because every woman -even the 8 year-olds, needs to hide what’s inside their purse…

It was fun and lively to make I had a great time, again for those of you who did know I totally loved a purse form the blog Magic with hooks and needles I loved it she is so super talented,there are a few changes to her project but the idea is all hers.


crochet colored purse inside and out
crochet colored purse inside and out
crochet colorful purse smilie buttoms
crochet colorful purse
colorful crochet purse
crochet colorful purse


crochet purse teen rainbow colors
crochet purse colors close up
colorful crochet purse, nice little laces
crochet purse teen rainbow colors

Off I go to bed now, work tomorrow and after that my new project…

thank you for stopping by,

take good care,





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Crochet Colourful Purse

Hi everybody,

As I was once again browsing some seriously beautiful crochet, and crafts sites I came across this one and the site is Magic with hook and needles adorable!


I showed my daughter, because now she is 8 and of course needs a larger purse whenever she is on a spree with her daddy.
I absolutely loved this one though she asked me to make some changes, she is right not only because she is not a grown up but most importantly I like to give things my personal touch. So I followed the multi color idea, the ‘patchwork’ kind of style, I adored the colours she initially used so I stuck to them and changed some little thing here and there, it is almost coming to an end, so take a peak before I go ahead and do the lining.

glasercrafts crochet colored pursefront of the purse



DSCF3439back of it

colorful crochet purse
colorful crochet purse
colorful crochet purse

I have to take more pics and show you on Sunday hopefully, and have to go now,

take good care of yourselves,


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Dollar Store Scarf Up-graded

I know it has been a long time but my hands are still busy! Hope you are doing fine!

Just because everyone and I mean everyone seems to have at least one item with some animal print, I decided to give it a shot and for nothing less than $1.25 I got a scarf at a local dollar store at the mall where I -still- work.

Though I did not like it at first, it was indeed too plain the poor thing.
I then sewed both ends together twisting it before sewing of course in order to make an infinity scarf. Still not happy I ended up using some kind of elastic to give it a nice flow.
I created an edging that I quite liked -it was quick and fun to make- and sprinkled some sequins (I decided no to use fabric glue, sewing was easier, more secure and faster at that point.
I liked the result and hope you do too!


up graded dollar store scarf
up graded dollar store scarf
dollar stor scarf up graded
dollar stor scarf up graded


Double promise to be here soon!


Drikka Glaser