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Crochet&Knit Mini afghan- meant for a doll house

Hello there,

Hope you are all fine!

I know I was supposed to post a photo yesterday but guess what! – I fell again, this time on the stairs over my left and leading hand. It hurts, of course so I wasn’t able to write much, neither finish other projects.
The fun part of it was seeing my little daughter B.,  who by the way hardly ever falls, teaching me how I am supposed to go down the stairs in order not to fall again… well, she is right. I run up and down a lot.
Anyway, I would like you to see this which is meant for the mini crib, since she doesn’t have little babies that fit it, she picked up small fairies and treats them as if they were the babies. Way to go!

I’m afraid that’s all for today, tomorrow we chat again!

Take care,