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Best mother’s gift ever!


My husband had to go on a conference 4 days preceding the mother’s day, leaving me and my daughter behind. So as I had to work and was feeling a bit weary, we simply enjoyed it here and about, as it was a delightful sunny Sunday.

One of the things she did for me was actually the best mother’s gift ever! I pictured it and for sure you will like too!
He arrived later on that day and we enjoyed as a family, it was great, but this one was the best!


She planted the flowers at school.
Later on that same day -Friday- we bought some street chalks for fun at the backyard…

How about that?
Hope you’ve had a lovely one too!
take care,


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Life at a register

Let me tell you this:

As the Brazilian saying goes: “If the lemon fruit is impossible to eat…make yourself a refreshment!”

My experiences at the till will and must remain really important ones in my life. I have been there for mere 2 months -today, in fact- and it has already changed so much the way I see things now.

We know  is so hard for many people, though now, everyday, every hour I meet at least one true hero. At my workplace people come from the most absolutely different backgrounds and they react in so many different ways to my simplest question the usual: How are you doing today? Today for example a “clearly outstanding” business woman almost had a fit screaming at me she was in a hurry thus had no time for “How are yous”…

I am not better or worse than any one, it is just not the kind of work I never even for once contemplated or figured myself doing, I am not even that good at dealing with the bills in my hands. You know what I mean? There are people who possess either practice or a kind of unborn intimacy and just take the bills and coins as if they would belong and obey their command. That is not me definitely. Which does not stop my usual early costumers from coming and remaining at my register just for the sake of -as they often say to me- seeing a “good morning smile”. -some of them say it changes their days!- for the better I reply.

This job came to me as a part of a training to unable me to do something else, and somehow it became my one alternative there. It is really weary, tiresome and people are not the ones to take the blame.

Teaching is weary and tiring too, but I realized how much I love it! After 23 years of course I know that, well nevertheless it is always good to refresh. I love to see how much people grow and evolve from certain stages to other ones. As a teacher you get to see certain results out of your effort and planning. At the till all you have is that moment, you may cheer some up, hear a sad or intricate story here and there and that is it. As I said some of them are unkind, most of them are not. I myself would never be gentle or rude to a cashier, as most of the times I hardly realized s/he was there, I know I am being mean now, that is true though. In a powerful position you have respect, at a till you have kindness and a bit of compassion, and I figure it must be tough on the ones that had only this opportunities in life. I feel awkward because we should be the same, treat one another the same, we do no treat people the same, be able to give -pose- the same generous smile. It just simply not happens…

I learned so much. It really enriched my life.
I just to share it with you. Next time I will show you my latest projects. Promise!

Take care now,


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Make Up trap

Hello my dear ones!

Last Sunday we went to West Edmonton Mall, to which we are growing quite familiar with. My husband decided he is definitely going to learn ice skating. Honestly speaking, he is doing quite well for someone who started skating 5 months ago, considering the fact that he is a grown-up with lot of other affairs to look after.
As for me, I had all my skating done from the period of 8 to 20 ish.
Given to the size of the mall, I felt more like getting to know it better.

There was a comotion going on that Saturday, and we learned it was a make over sponsored by a sort of fancy shop called The Bay. This was the deal: Spend CDN 50,00 in any cosmetics and you would be entitled to having a makeover. Forgot to mention I took my little one along with me. There we went! I picked a gloss for her and two items for me, that was it: we spent over CDN 50 bucks.

The moment I sat on that chair, what I got was not a make up/over, it was more like a brain wash, because a make up wouldn’t work like that.

I do not know how many of you have been under this experience; either I was too down, empty or something of the sort, or that make up artist is really an artist! She simply threw the question:

What would you like? – I could see it in her eyes she would try and do that for me.

I opened my mouth and in a matter of 3 sentences spoke more than I ever knew about my facial skin condition and how it affected me.

As she started, using the many brushes sitting in her belt, barely touching them on my face, laying colors, shades, awesome effects and all the many techniques she has, I felt as if I would indeed have my very own “make over”.

Now I believe that the way they speak to you is enough to make you feel being rebuilt. By the time I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw what I wanted to see, I really felt 10 years younger, not the physical years, but everything that came within them, from my mother’s stroke and my brother’s painful illness to 2 years of trying to get pregnant.

Some accomplishments. Some set backs. Several sleepless nights, not knowing the best thing to do.

It was as if everything had been washed away from my face, as she managed to cover the dark circles around my eyes (with a magical something she wrote the name down later on). That simple act brought my eyes and myself a kind of new light. I believed I could get “what I would like“.

I don’t see myself as a superficial woman, but I was caught, trapped in the undeniable power of the Make Up.

…            …          …

P.S.:After that experience, I understand better people who take serious risks in going under extreme measures. I do not think I would do that, but I certainly do understand them much better now. And perhaps I will get that magical thing that did cover up the so called  dark circles around my eyes.

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The benefit of being kind

Women in general are raised to be kind.

We are given little dolls from the time we are born, and we grow up among them, taking care of them for good.

I personally never bought my own daughter a doll until she herself actually asked me one. Not that she didn’t have dozens of them. For every visit, my whole family, in-laws and friends always figured at one point it should be a nice gift to give her. I do not blame them we all do that.
She began speaking quite early, and I will never forget the day she was only about 15 months she tried to “change” her little doll’s diaper and said to me  “it’s a handful Mom”…
She had surely heard it before either from me or my husband. The fact is that somehow she got into her that she should do that no matter how tired she might become later on…

Coming back to the present 4 years later, and to me and my new job, one day at the register I engaged a conversation to this nice lady -who seamed to be in her middle 30’s-  she mentioned having 7 -seven- kids, and making her own time for knitting! I was so taken aback because I am not that obstinate.
Honestly to me she didn’t look like some one who had that many children and I spoke my mind. To which she thanked me for, my answer to her was that she did not need to thank me all she had to do was to look at herself in the mirror, at that moment she burst into tears, saying that it had been a while since someone was that kind to her.

No matter how hard we work in and/or out our home, we should never allow ourselves to feel so miserably ran down by our lives and chores.

We have to stop for a moment, look at the mirror right into our eyes, and compliment ourselves.

This is being kind and fair.

This keeps us going.

Head up!

Be happy flower-by GlaserCrafts

Take real good care, will you?


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Happy Easter- where there is life there is hope

Hi everyone,

As someone raised in a Catholic environment Easter has always meant moments of inner reflection considering everything Jesus went through just to “save us”. We were not allowed to even think of eating meat back then. That’s what I learned Easter was all about. Suffering, injustice, betrayal, capital punishment, rage, God’s punishment, mystery, silence… not to mention tears.

We had to go through it all in order to hunt for some chocolate eggs on Sunday, usually somewhere around my grand Dad’s carpentry trunk. Did it pay? Thinking back I believe so, as we hunted for the eggs, my siblings and I along with my cousin neighbors doing a sort of competition, which was nice in a way.

Those days lay far behind in my memory, almost faded away, and as much as I consider myself a person who believes in the goodness of Jesus Christ, I am not a Catholic anymore. I have studied other religions and theories, but I do not concentrate myself on having a “title”, neither teach this to my daughter, the world is full of tricky evil as it is.  So Easter to her is always nice, she knows bits and pieces of the story as we all know bits and pieces to say the truth, and she longs for the wonderful day Jesus is back and in order to celebrate that the Easter bunny brings us chocolate eggs because there is life in eggs, and where there is life there is hope.

That is how I like to celebrate my Easter, having positive thoughts, as if we had a new chance to do what is right. As it is everyday.

We can always do better than we did before, remember we haven’t lived the this moment yet. It is in your hands to do what is right, what is best and what would make people feel better.

Happy Easter

Enjoy your Easter, the best you can, enjoy life the best you can,

Take care,


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All we need is love

Hello there,

I have been away a bit, but for a good reason.

My family and I arrived in Canada this past September, it has been such an enriching experience, and for more that I could expect something new, the experiences we are living here are above and beyond our expectations. Read me right I didn’t mean better or worse, I meant far different from what we expected.

My husband is not only doing his post-doc researches, but also teaches 2 subjects at the University of Alberta, my daughter suffered so much, cried, and went through real difficult times as soon as we arrived here, her first month was awful, mainly for both of us, because I was the one to take her to school, knowing she would spend the next 6 hours of her day struggling to make sense of what she was listening there. And for her because she was the one who had to live all that. She got a few viruses too!

Fortunately she did great, and learned in no time. Her teachers are the most wonderful creatures and I owe them a lot, I can’t help but saying all the school was very supportive! Being a teacher myself for over 20 years I could realize that the educational system up here is really alert towards child needs and that made me strong enough to give her a time, while helping her out with her daily difficulties. I tell you it was tough, the same as I tell you it paid off, and within a period of 40 days she was so happy in Canada, that she keeps asking me if we can get to stay here for a longer period. Up until now she does not miss Brazil.

Well I do have my job back home, I also have my dear “Glaser Crafts” down there, which I can honestly say is much more profitable than up here, my husband is a professor there too and took a one year leave on the account of the post-doc. Even tough we are considering staying here a little longer because …what wouldn’t we do for the sake of the kids?…

I told her if I could get a job, and Daddy too we could put some more thought to the matter. Last week I did, I actually signed a contract on the very day of my birthday!

It does not pay much, but I deal with people all the time, and guess what? Don’t I feel great?! When I first got here people kept telling me about the differences between Canadians and Brazilians, and what sometimes might appear a simple conversation to me, might sound as a harassment here. So I haven’t been myself for the past few months. On Monday in my shift I gave it a shot and tried to smile a bit more, show that I cared, and occasionally engage into some sort of a small talk. Wanna know what happened? My boss congratulated me!- in secrecy when I went to get my next week’s schedule just because.

– I showed the costumers I cared.

In the end what I am learning in this beautiful journey is:

All we need is love.

No matter where we are, the world is sick and tired of negative things, and people are willing to receive some attention, talk about themselves, and maybe go home happier than they were when entered in the building.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend! Take care and show you care!


P.S.: Forgot to mention yesterday it snowed tons! So we are back to trying to make our first snow man ever!