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Kids tee crochet pineapple adventure

Hi every one,

I decided it was time for me to find a little job, and do something in crochet too! I am working again and at the same time want to take advantage of the Summer and work on this project. So I tried this edging to finish up a crochet tee for my daughter.
I didn’t like the final result. It seemed to tighten up her waist and she already is slim. I thought about not only undo the top part of it as well as the edging, I believe it will look way better, but before I unraveled everything I decided to show you, the edging pattern is really nice but not for what I intended. For the tee I don’t have any patten it is just “poping up my mind”

kids tee cochet pineapple
kid’s tee crochet pineapple by GlaserCrafts
 kid's crochet tee - by Glaser Crafts
kid’s crochet tee – by Glaser Crafts
kids tee crochet pineapple  - by Glaser Crafts
kid’s tee crochet pineapple – by Glaser Crafts

Pattern for the edging:

You will realize I changed the shells I didn’t work the 3 dc cluster, instead I did 2 dc 1ch 2dc.


Then I’ll just go back to my crochet and hope i can come back here with a better final project!

take care you all,


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Yet growing Crochet Garden

Hi there,

So we are here in Vancouver for a few days, and I tried to take my little daughter to the Aquarium like we did last year but unlike that time today the weather did not surprise us with a smiling sun, instead it poured water down on us. Tomorrow we go rain or shine. She is bored in front of the T.V.

Any way I am getting ready for the Summer festival, this will be my first time in a festival with my crafts. I don’t know how to feel about it Don’t know how much is too little, how much is too much because I have no idea how much people spend in these occasions. Let’s see first hand.

I’ve been busy  creating some handmade stuff, and light wear crochet, among which some flowers thought you might like to see a sample.

Crochet lotus flower front
Crochet lotus flower front

lotus flower back
lotus flower back
crochet rose1
crochet rose1

crochet rose 2- cotton thread


take care,