Free Patterns:

Crochet Corck Screw or Spiral -free pattern

Remember if you are not an expert in crochet or feel a little rusty at it by now you can always take a look at some intructions at Annie’s Attic or at Lion Brand site, I love to check there for novelties and nice stuff. Have fun!

 Fancy Scarflette by Glaser Crafts at Etsy Shop

yarn of your choice
crochet hook  compatible to the chosen yarn
tapestry needle

chain stitch= ch
slip stitch= sl
single crochet=sc
half double crochet= hdc
double crochet=dc
treble or triple crochet=tc


Make about 33 chs
On the third chain from your hook make 2 dc, on the third make 1 dc, ont the fourth make 3 dc, pnt hte fifth make 1 and go on like this until the very last chain. You will see the spiral forming as you go on with your project. fasten off.
Join with your leaveas and flower by sewing with the tapstry needle.

I must let you know hat in case you are just a beginner you might  find Annie’s Attic  instructions really handy

Crochet Leaf:

any kind of yarn
a crochet hook compatible to the yarn you are using

chain stitch= ch
slip stitch= sl
single crochet=sc
half double crochet= hdc
double crochet=dc
treble or triple crochet=tc

Start with 13 chains.
Row 1 – turn your work, make 1 more chain an in the second ch from hook make a sc,*1 hdc in each of the next 2 ch, 1 dc in each of the next 2 chains, 1 tc in the next ch -which will be your 7th chain- 1dc in each of the next 2 chs, 1 hdc in each of your 2 next chains, 1 sc 1ch *and turn your work, do the same stitches you did in the previous row.
Row 2– 1sc in each of the next 2 ch and repeat from *to* . In case you want a “firmer” leaf, do one sl in each chain at the back of the initial chain, in its center,  it will make the leaf looks even more realistic.  I particularly like it.
Fasten off. Make a few and sew the cork/spiral adornment. This pattern is coming soon.

Hope you liked it,

Take care,


Crochet Red Rose  free pattern   

Beginners tips

-Left handers-

Hello, I have this pattern written in Portuguese and I’ll just go ahead and translate to English after all it is been promised quite a while ago.

All you need is:

-some yarn

-a crochet hook, see the label of your yarn for the size of your hook. (*tip 1)

– a pair of scissors

-tapestry needle

Crochet Rose 1

If you are all set, then let’s go.

you make an “e” with your yarn,

             insert the hook into it,with your hook you will have to basically “fish” the yarn into the “e” you just created


pull it a bit until you have it more adjusted to your hook, not too loose neither too tight.


 Here you go, it is the very first stitch in crochet.

Now you will have to start making your chain stitches, by going around the yarn with your hook( tip 2*), and once again “fish” the yarn into your loop.

we will need  53 chains.

 turn your work  count 3 chains and on the 4th insert your hook, to make a double crochet (*tip 3)

One more chain and another double crochet in the same chain skip the next chain and do another *double crochet a chain and a double crochet*.

We are going to have small “Vs”  which will be the base of the petals.

go about the same way, it is supposed to curl like this

at the end just turn your work make another chain insert your hook in the chain you made between the double crochet(tip4*) ,

make 8 double crochets in the space,

 make a single crochet in between the “V” of the previous row, this is the first petal.

T this point you will just go on this way ’till there are only 4 “Vs”  left to be done, now just make 6 double crochet in the chain, 1 single crochet (tip3*)  in between the “V” until the end of your row.

When you are done yarn over once again insert your hook in the same stitch you just made and pull the yarn through. Leave about 10 inches then cut the rest.

Thread tapestry needle and start rolling your work, arrange it and in its back give 2 or 3 stitches to secure your rose. Do not forget to leave its center a bit more closed then the rest to give it the impression the rose isn’t done blooming.

There you go!

Happy Spring!

Hope you liked it,

take care,


(*) TIPS:

Tip 1 =  for a rose I personally like to choose one size up for the hook, as its petals will come out a bit more “open” .

Tip 2= Technical term: yarn over= yo.

Tip3= single crochet= sc= insert the hook in the yarn, yarn over pull the yarn yarn over and pull through.

Tip 4=double crochet= dc= yarn over, insert the hook in the yarn yarn over, pull the,  yarn over again pull 2 loops, yarn over and pull the remaining 2 loops of the hook.

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