Love and Soul

Rose in Prairie Garden- AB CA
Rose in Prairie Garden- AB CA

So, hi everyone,

Yeah I feel the need to write about “things of the heart”.  Mainly between a woman and a man. I do not  just felt the need to. Let’s just put it this way, when you are in your 20’s you want to know about love life and stuff, you like sex, romance, guys, have wild dreams, live them, come back to earth, and go back live those dreams again. We usually find “our Prince Charming”. We  also learn a lot about ourselves and bodies.

In the 30’s you want to feel less of only a body and more like a person, you’ve usually broken through many barriers you  know more what you want, have a profession, make your money, have a family boss around at home. I’m guessing most of us do. And also for a good part of us our bodies hasn’t changed so much. You pretty much got to try crazy things previously and are more and more sure of who you are.

In the forties, and I am experiencing it as I speak, you honestly do not base your life on pleasing people, in laws and so on. I started telling speaking up more and more, now I want to talk about LOVE AND LIFE.

I want to talk to you, I am asking for your participation counting on it if I may say so. Please fell free to give your answer.

There goes a question then:

What happens when we love too much?

I will tell you what I think later this week. Just talked to a friend today about it.

take care,


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