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Colouring Books

I know it´s been a long time, I apologize. We have finally been back home to Brazil and back. Before we took off I was looking for something that would keep me busy for most of the time, so I bought myself a nice and Zen coloring book at Chapters West Edmonton Mall right before we checked out, called Colouring Meditation.

I hadn’t coloured in a century, or more, I took some drawing lessons, which I absolutely loved back in 1999 I guess, then I gravitated to painting oil on canvas, loved even more, and because of so many reasons after a few paintings and having a baby not willing to practice at home I put everything to rest, until after she was about 3 when I really started working with colours again that was with my crochet, well it works for me, I can see my hands move about a surface or yarn or thread that has some colour on it and more, create something out of it.

Anyway coming back to my coloring kind of journey, I ended up almost not having to occupy myself in the colouring at that time (mid August) because just the thoughts of being with my mom siblings and beloved ones after so much time did the trick and kept me quite busy.

I started with this in September, but have been more searching for nice ideas and ways of working with these media that are kind of alien to me now. So here are some of my attempts so far not many, I am having fun and even bought that Secret Garden the other day so I can have another go with it. So far I have only been having fun watching lovely tutorials on YouTube. Let’s see…

Here tell me what you think,I also have a few more pictures in my facebook page GlaserCrafts or not but share with me:

Blossoming IIa few techniques

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Bloomsbury Crochet Top II

Hello again,

I am so excited to be almost done my awesome Bloomsbury crochet top, all there is to it is the left sleeve and blocking. I don’t particularly like to block but in this case because there are so many pieces connected to one another I believe they will look much nicer once relaxed and properly stretched. Of course my daughter asked me for one, which I doubt she will actually wear, but I’ll think about it, for now take a look and let me know, I am aware of how vibrating this yarn’s colours are but for one who HAS to wear black at work I don’t mind embracing a rainbow a bit.

bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts
bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts
Bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts
Bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts


Bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts
Bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts

Next time it will be complete, hopefully,


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Crochet Bloomsbury Top

Hello you,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, as we did, it was quiet and blessed and even though my daughter turned 9 in February the Easter bunny paid her a visit, and life goes on. Despite the challenges Spring break represents for working parents who care about kids having fun and taking a break from school.

I am still at the same job, now for 19 months where I have the opportunity to meet new people everyday and never have a dull moment, it is nice and conveniently closeso yeah, I am still there.

I squeezed in some quality time within my chores and now I am working on this nice project I found in Interweave Crochet Magazine I had for a while now, and also this yarn Unforgettable that mesmerized me by its nice Sunrise colours that I love so much. So I took some shots I don’t like how they came out for the poor lightning, but you can have some idea.

Hope to be done soon and show you more pics.

Thank you for stopping by,



Bloomsbury top interweave mag
Bloomsbury top -interweave mag


first flowers joined- bloomsbury top
first flowers joined bloomsbury top
First panel- Bloomsbury top
First panel Bloomsbury top
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Crochet Happy Coloured Pouch

Hi you guys,

I am incorrigible for loving colours so much! As a little girl I’ve always loved rainbows, lucky me back then it really rained nearly every afternoon in my hometown. When it didn’t and it happened to be a Saturday, Dad would remedy the situation by either washing the dog or the car, or both, and spraying water into the air so as if to make us see the rainbow he had so artistically not to say magically created right there before our very own eyes. Back then we didn’t have to save the planet nor water. I guess there were not as many people in the world as my (now 9 year-old) daughter says: “Back in the olden days”, I try to explain 30 something years ago is not classified as “olden days”, but I don’t think she gets it, would I?

So anyway this is the gift I made for her friend, another sweet little girl from school, intended for her birthday, which was last month…

It is light and kind of small just to carry the ‘essentials’, lined with small little butterflies to flutter by whenever she opens it to fetch this or that. Sure hope she likes it.


crochet coloured pouch
crochet coloured pouch
crochet coloured pouch
crochet coloured pouch -beads and tassel
crochet coloured pouch- round granny
crochet coloured pouch
crochet coloured pouch-smile
crochet coloured pouch-smile
crochet coloured pouch- lined with butterflies, and pocket featured
crochet coloured pouch- lined with butterflies



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50 shades of Grey, yes me too

Yes me too,

I went to see the movie today with 3 more friends/ladies 2 of them moms like me, what makes us falls into the book’s category of mom porn which bothered me for several reasons, first I had to go around the fact that I would force myself to find a 27-30 year old guy attractive, being over 40 it never occurred to me, mainly because I tend to find men who are at least old enough not to be almost my kids attractive.

It also bothered me because I am for our rights, I like when my husband opens the car door for me -yep he still does that for almost 20 years- I also like when he does the driving, the wine picking, but that’s pretty much it, never turned on to spanking or any of that. I am surely not into pain and pleasure, but I don’t judge others, who am I to?
So people think I was into that because I both read the Trilogy and went to see the movie? Isn’t that obvious? I read the book series which was lent to me, I got curious and got carried away so the first book lead to the second that had to finish on the third. Then there was the movie let’s go see what they have done to it.

Did I like it?

Neh, too shallow, so you take a book that is not well written-I know I know- but yet captivates millions of women (mainly over 40 like me) and make it even a worse movie? Of course that was more to it than BD&SM, though the movie did not exploit that either, it introduced to it, I think, and did it not show how she was caught in the web of pure seduction, fetishism, fanaticism that is in ‘devoting to a person’s body’. A good illustration to it is this talented musician Sam Smith he goes and writes this song “Stay with me”, nice and all but next sentence he goes like “you are all I need”, cool, but in real life I would run fast and far, this guy would stick to you like a maniac, crazy glue and all, he would call and manipulate you 24/7. This is what it is all about.

Anyway the feeling I had was that they torn the whole book threw the pages into the air and the ones they picked -by chance- were the scenes they decided to write the script out.

Yeah, enough said, it won’t change my mind, as I heard a guy on an interview saying “this book will change your wife”. My life should be pretty empty for that to happen.  I might crochet something based on one of the books, I don’t know yet maybe the cover of the book or something, not a whip though for sure.

What I liked about the book is the complexity of character and the innocent girl thinking she could ‘rescue’ him, she kind of did, because it is fiction and ‘love’ prevailed, and the way he worships her all through the trilogy. Some of us women have tried to love and save the bad guy we were once with, and we all know what happens. We can’t. We just don’t have this power.

Bottom line is I come back home, after a nice time out with my friends, to my dear beloved hard to have found husband, lover, and friend who unquestionably showed me 50-whole- colors of love and being loved-not only shades.

You take care,


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Funny Little thing- Love talk- Valentine’s Week!

Us, though she was only 6 back in this picture

Is this thing we call love…The other day my daughter asked me how she would know, or better yet how I knew when “he” -her daddy- was the one, and how would she know? She was genuinely puzzled, despite the fact she is only turning 9 next week, (though I’ve heard some stories that a few kids have boyfriends at the age of 5 (!?!) I ‘calmly’ popped the question “Do you have a boyfriend sweety?”-please say No, I thought to myself.

“No Mom it is just that I see you guys and I want to be prepared.” In that I believe, she is the most concerned kid I’ve ever seen, always telling her friends not to jump there, not to run over there, “I don’t think it is a good idea” she says.

“So what did you say”, my co-worker asked me when I mentioned it later on once at work. “Well it is hard to say” I for once did kiss a lot of frogs, though I know some of them were the princes at the wrong time in my life, what made me the “frog” for them per say, I knew that was not the most appropriate answer to have given her.

“Well darling you talk a lot and see you have a lot in common, then you start going on a few dates with the him, dinner, dancing, movies, a game, and you like to hang out, you will see.
But most of all you have to feel good when you are with him, and not down, or angry, or mad, or fighting all the time. And when you are without him, you should be fine too, not super scared about what he is doing, this is not love. That is passion and you are going to live through that too, we all do, I wish I had a magical power so you my little one would not, but it is part of life. And we will be there to see you through. And you will find another person. And try again. That is how you find out, but you have so much yet to come before that lots of playdates, sleepovers all those other fun things.”- she  was pretty satisfied with that.

You know how mothers are, I could be wrong as well. She might find it another way. I hope I can be there for her,  like my Mom was for me, many times, sometimes not even saying a word, just touching my forehead, or cheeks, or calling the guy on the phone to know what happened. Yeah, I’ve been through it all.

Because I am a true believer I went down the deepest side of my own, some therapies, some lots of crystal work and meditation, lots of dancing with friends to wash away the grief or only to flirt and have some fun. This is how I finally found out that love should bring you peace at heart and push us to be the best we can possibly be, then I married the man who made me feel this way, and I try to make him feel the same in return. I found what I was looking for in this terms.
I am fully aware that everyone has their own journey to find what they yearn for and should give it a try. It honestly pays off. All the tears, anxiety excruciating pain they all pay off, when you let the guards down when you are willing to compromise and learn from your mistakes.

Funny little thing. Such a small word in most languages I guess, and the biggest, most daring  hunt of every single one of us. Dearest than the most exquisite gem, is the heart in love, accomplished and fulfilled.

go for it, or celebrate yours,


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Merry Christmas with -Lucy Attic 24 little Christmas bird

Hi everyone,

I know I know I have been working hard, been through good and bad times, we are alive and life consists of experiencing all sorts of emotions. What makes me tired though is that sometimes all of them or a large amount of them tend to happen on the same day. Yeah, but then again this is me and my life as it is.
So my dear ones I know I have been away for too long, it does not mean I haven’ t written whatsoever, it is just that I never finished a text or even worse, never revised the ones I did finish writing. This time it is different I will publish what seems to be the last text of the year.
And we did celebrate Christmas, as I once mentioned I love the idea of Christmas mind you it is not Holidays, but Christmas and all there is to it, the food, aromas, magic, feelings and the very notion of Peaceful Love .
It so happens that even though I had worked to my extreme -long hours- when both my arms felt sore from flipping each and every item I sold -at work-, scanning them, entering the few commands we have to at the till; my cheeks were sore from smiling and wishing Merry Christmas to each customer, my head spinning with my nonsense small talk while doing all that. God was I ever creative.

The following day was 24th already we were to spend with nice friends. After all my plans for dessert failed  I decided to stitch up this nice little guy I saw in Simply Crochet magazine, a pattern by Lucy at the Attic24 since there came all the material in a  packaging and this was my Friendship bird. I must confess I did not follow the pattern closely because I got astray but I followed the shape and picture and liked the result:

scandi bird- by Lucy Attic 24
Scandi Bird -Lucy Attic 24
my Scandi bird -by Lucy Attic 24
Scandi Bird -Lucy Attic 24

Hope you like it too, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,