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Easter bunny is here, I mean it!

Hello my friends!

Starting with the Valentine’s day in the middle of February we go on with our lovely projects into the so expected and already mentioned Spring.

Let just say Spring is in the air, last year I thought the Easter bunny had come by night to visit us, the paw prints have proven to be of a cat in reality, well this year I saw the bunny, sneaked behind the curtains and Voila! No one can think it is a mistake, here is the pic for you.

Up above there him is a bird house, and because these birds (sparrows) did not migrate, we kept on feeding them, so all through the Winter they had a place to come,

sparrows in Glaser Crafts
sparrows in Glaser Crafts backyard

so did their friend the bunny. This made my daughter really happy, she knew now the Easter bunny had been well fed, so he would like to come for Easter and make sure she was glad too!

bunny in GlaserCrafts
bunny in GlaserCrafts- backyard

So I thought you would like to see,

Take care,


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There is a Bunny Easter after all- evidences found…


Last Sunday as we got up my daughter gladly realized it had snowed over the night. After a while still looking through the window she ran to me and said:

-Little bunny!

I didn’t know what she was possibly talking about until I myself took a look  and saw this on my patio covered by snow and full of evidence:


A closer look:



Who could possibly deny it?

The very Easter bunny came by to see whether he should deliver her Easter “gifts” here or down in Brazil! He took a peep saw her toys scattered across our living room he gathered we are still living here! He won’t make any mistakes now!

-What a nice girl she has been! He came by 2 weeks earlier just to double check!

…               …           …            …

Believe it or not, there were no paw prints in the neighbors patios, nor other prints around the condo, he simply vanished! Now, off to shopping, he is coming the very next Sunday!

Take care!