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Early snow and a rainbow crochet hat

Hi everyone,
Yes, it is snowing, I kind of liked it, and part of me is mad at me for not having renewed my driver’s license, luckily the cold weather is above Zero -just above.

thing layer of the snow in the Fall
thin layer of the early snow in the Fall

Well in the midst of that I managed to make one more cap that I called Rainbow cozy -because of the ear flaps, and hope you like.

Gotta go to bed, it is kind of late you know!

Rainbow Cozy crochet hat
Rainbow Cozy crochet hat

Take good care,


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Crochet towel edging- a new inspiration


I am not  that much a fan of home decor crochet projects, or better say, wasn’t. Just because, it takes us such an amount of time, love and dedication to make let’s say a doily, a rug,or something else, then, someone takes your piece of art, as if it were any other cloth and cleans the floor, or rolls the foot around it, without having the consideration to lift the foot while walking to avoid ruining your production.

Any way I started having actual fun doing this small projects in order to make my home cozier, I kind of like it now, and don’t get so mad if I have to straighten the piece whenever it gets untidy, for the must be excused, they just don’t know anybetter.

I got myself a couple of new crochet magazines, and one of them CrochetWorld June 2012 started to pull off the tip of the yarn that had tangled my imagination.

At last, I finally re-started crocheting, it is a small project but I feel comfortable enough to show you. I just couldn’t stop at the one row edging, see what I did, the magazine is underneath.

Crochet towel edging -by Glaser Crafts
the towel
crochet towel edging- by Glaser Crafts
detail of the rows
crochet towel edging- by Glaser Crafts
the “back” a closer look

Hope you come to like it, thank you for stopping by,

take good care,


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Crochet leaf -free pattern

Hi there,

I do hope you are doing fine, as I am, today was my day off and I took it to organize a few things I have here, some of them are a few  crochet projects that haven’t been finished yet.

I also took some time to read my posts backwards, I found a request of a reader, I hope she can see it as now I found the time to answer to it properly. she liked the crochet Rose  pattern and asked me how to make a leaf and the spiral too.



I decided just for the matter of filing later, to split the instructions in 2, being the first the instructions on how I make the leaves.

I must let you know hat in case you are just a beginner you might  find Annie’s Attic  instructions really handy

Crochet Leaf:

any kind of yarn
a crochet hook compatible to the yarn you are using

chain stitch= ch
slip stitch= sl
single crochet=sc
half double crochet= hdc
double crochet=dc
treble or triple crochet=tc

Start with 13 chains.
Row 1 – turn your work, make 1 more chain an in the second ch from hook make a sc,*1 hdc in each of the next 2 ch, 1 dc in each of the next 2 chains, 1 tc in the next ch -which will be your 7th chain- 1dc in each of the next 2 chs, 1 hdc in each of your 2 next chains, 1 sc 1ch *and turn your work, do the same stitches you did in the previous row.
Row 2– 1sc in each of the next 2 ch and repeat from *to* . In case you want a “firmer” leaf, do one sl in each chain at the back of the initial chain, in its center,  it will make the leaf looks even more realistic.  I particularly like it.
Fasten off. Make a few and sew the cork/spiral adornment. This pattern is coming soon.

Hope you liked it,

Take care,


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Mama Africa necklace’s gotta flower-crochet bead work

Hello friends,

So as I said about two posts ago, I was intrigued about making a nice crochet flower for my Mama Africa lariat/necklace then I came up with this one which I think is nice and plain enough to go with it.

There it is:


I love the neutral color that won’t mix or call our attention too much and thus diverting us from the main attraction that should be the lariat itself.

Let me know what you think,

Take care,


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Hello! New Shop at Etsy- Glaser Crafts

Hello again,

One of the things I most love about living in Alberta -CA -it’s been almost 5 months now!- is the sunny days!

Taking into considerations it’s mid-winter the sun never minds showing up most days up here! And it is scandalously gorgeous!

It almost makes me feel sorry for having to leave at the end of the year, never mind, I still have time to enjoy it here!

Meanwhile I have just started another virtual shop, it is about crafts too, for in Brazil my shop Glaser Crafts is “in a suspended situation”, and I just couldn’t stop crocheting or knitting so I thought to myself, why not having a store here too? Who knows?

I would like to ask you a favor, would you mind taking a peek at it and letting me know what you think?

So here you are!

Hope to have you back soon!