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Secret Garden- flower Coloring

Hi everyone,

This has to be a small post, just to try to keep you updated, and share the fun and joyful moments of coloring this Secret Garden book, along with Lost Ocean. Trying what to me is new coloring media, being frustrated at awful result at times followed by repetitive come back to my comfort zone that is crochet I am done that crochet top, still working on a crochet lace blouse and a dress for myself. Turns out my daughter is not really interested in dressing crochet for the moment, and given the fact that she is so proud of her colored purse whenever she feels like it I can whip her something nice.

So here is my latest finalized coloring page, I used only Polychromos as I am infatuated with it. So what happened is that my daughter loved stage  number 2, my husband stage 3, I was divided into doing a background from lighter to darker in the outer edges. A couple of days later fate would have it that somehow on a morning there was a blob of some dirty at the upper left top of the page, there I go trying to blend it in and having to actually work on he background. Never leave your art unattended folks. That’s it for now, till very soon!


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Bloomsbury Crochet Top II

Hello again,

I am so excited to be almost done my awesome Bloomsbury crochet top, all there is to it is the left sleeve and blocking. I don’t particularly like to block but in this case because there are so many pieces connected to one another I believe they will look much nicer once relaxed and properly stretched. Of course my daughter asked me for one, which I doubt she will actually wear, but I’ll think about it, for now take a look and let me know, I am aware of how vibrating this yarn’s colours are but for one who HAS to wear black at work I don’t mind embracing a rainbow a bit.

bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts
bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts
Bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts
Bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts


Bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts
Bloomsbury crochet top-Glaser Crafts

Next time it will be complete, hopefully,


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Colorful Crochet purse- final project

So this is it, with no further ado, it finally came to an end:

  • loved its corners, they gave a better shape to it and a better bottom too!
  • at the bottom I did a sort of a seam with the pink row!
  • There is a lining, with a nice couple of pockets,
  • I sewed some buttoms she herself picked to make it even funnier,
  • reinforced the handles,
  • used  some nice cetim ribbon,
  • nice little chiffon flowers in each corner of my granny square.
  • ziper, because every woman -even the 8 year-olds, needs to hide what’s inside their purse…

It was fun and lively to make I had a great time, again for those of you who did know I totally loved a purse form the blog Magic with hooks and needles I loved it she is so super talented,there are a few changes to her project but the idea is all hers.


crochet colored purse inside and out
crochet colored purse inside and out
crochet colorful purse smilie buttoms
crochet colorful purse
colorful crochet purse
crochet colorful purse


crochet purse teen rainbow colors
crochet purse colors close up
colorful crochet purse, nice little laces
crochet purse teen rainbow colors

Off I go to bed now, work tomorrow and after that my new project…

thank you for stopping by,

take good care,





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Dollar Store Scarf Up-graded

I know it has been a long time but my hands are still busy! Hope you are doing fine!

Just because everyone and I mean everyone seems to have at least one item with some animal print, I decided to give it a shot and for nothing less than $1.25 I got a scarf at a local dollar store at the mall where I -still- work.

Though I did not like it at first, it was indeed too plain the poor thing.
I then sewed both ends together twisting it before sewing of course in order to make an infinity scarf. Still not happy I ended up using some kind of elastic to give it a nice flow.
I created an edging that I quite liked -it was quick and fun to make- and sprinkled some sequins (I decided no to use fabric glue, sewing was easier, more secure and faster at that point.
I liked the result and hope you do too!


up graded dollar store scarf
up graded dollar store scarf
dollar stor scarf up graded
dollar stor scarf up graded


Double promise to be here soon!


Drikka Glaser