Secret Garden- flower Coloring


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Hi everyone, This has to be a small post, just to try to keep you updated, and share the fun and joyful moments of coloring this Secret Garden book, along with Lost Ocean. Trying what to me is new coloring … Continue reading

Bloomsbury Crochet Top II


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Hello again, I am so excited to be almost done my awesome Bloomsbury crochet top, all there is to it is the left sleeve and blocking. I don’t particularly like to block but in this case because there are so … Continue reading

Colorful Crochet purse- final project


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So this is it, with no further ado, it finally came to an end: loved its corners, they gave a better shape to it and a better bottom too! at the bottom I did a sort of a seam with … Continue reading

Dollar Store Scarf Up-graded


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I know it has been a long time but my hands are still busy! Hope you are doing fine! Just because everyone and I mean everyone seems to have at least one item with some animal print, I decided to … Continue reading