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My best wishes to a Happy Valentine’s Day

IMG_20160213_120507Hi lovely people,


If you follow me on Facebook you had already seen my heart, I was trying to enjoy colouring and blending with Staedler pencils form a se I bought for my daughter who is turning 10 next Wednesday.
She was 5 when we came to Canada, life goes by, in a flash.
That is exactly why I am writing here today, to thank the readers who now and again still stop by even though I haven´t been so present anymore.
Thank you!
Anyway, for what it is worth tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I care about you a lot, this drawing might not the best ever but yet, here it goes, as life is perfect in its imperfections and surprising everyday:

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Love and let yourself be loved.! 🙂


Hope you come back,




P.S.: I liked Staedler but can’t help but looove Prismacolor and Polychromos.

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Two crochet jackets for two baby boys

Hello everybody,

I love Bernat Yarn, I just do. This yarn is so soft and never let me down in any of my projects so far, not that I ‘m crocheting that much but you know what I mean. It took me a while to get used t Canadian yarns or should I say Canadian/American yarn, though after a few tryouts I became such a fan of some a them, to the point that well let’s just say a big fan of them.
So my lovely neighbour came home early 2015 to say they were pregnant with twins, I guess we were, one of, the first to know because just were coming back from the doctor.

All the year went by and whenever I thought of a gift I knew I had to make a crochet jacket for them, I don´t know it is j the way it is supposed to be, after all we were one of the firs to know.

So of course her water broke before expected, and once again of course I hadn’ t made anything yet: too much work a promotion at work, learning a new position all that got in the away. Then we went back home in the summer I could go on and on and on. I had to do it for Christmas when they would be 3 months being premature. I don’t know about you but to me half of the fun is choosing the pattern, and f course not following it and finding out ways to finish off. With all that being taken care of I made them these cute little things.

Crochet Baby jacket for Owen-by glasercrafs
Crochet Baby jacket for Owen -by glasercrafts

Crochet Baby jacket for Harris- by glasercraftsCrochet Baby jacket for Harris -by glasercrafts

Their Mom almost passed out, and I was so glad she understood that handmade gifts have love in every piece of their way, love in every stitch.

These beys have a lot of love to keep them warm.

Be safe,


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Colouring Books

I know it´s been a long time, I apologize. We have finally been back home to Brazil and back. Before we took off I was looking for something that would keep me busy for most of the time, so I bought myself a nice and Zen coloring book at Chapters West Edmonton Mall right before we checked out, called Colouring Meditation.

I hadn’t coloured in a century, or more, I took some drawing lessons, which I absolutely loved back in 1999 I guess, then I gravitated to painting oil on canvas, loved even more, and because of so many reasons after a few paintings and having a baby not willing to practice at home I put everything to rest, until after she was about 3 when I really started working with colours again that was with my crochet, well it works for me, I can see my hands move about a surface or yarn or thread that has some colour on it and more, create something out of it.

Anyway coming back to my coloring kind of journey, I ended up almost not having to occupy myself in the colouring at that time (mid August) because just the thoughts of being with my mom siblings and beloved ones after so much time did the trick and kept me quite busy.

I started with this in September, but have been more searching for nice ideas and ways of working with these media that are kind of alien to me now. So here are some of my attempts so far not many, I am having fun and even bought that Secret Garden the other day so I can have another go with it. So far I have only been having fun watching lovely tutorials on YouTube. Let’s see…

Here tell me what you think,I also have a few more pictures in my facebook page GlaserCrafts or not but share with me:

Blossoming IIa few techniques

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Crochet Bloomsbury Top

Hello you,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, as we did, it was quiet and blessed and even though my daughter turned 9 in February the Easter bunny paid her a visit, and life goes on. Despite the challenges Spring break represents for working parents who care about kids having fun and taking a break from school.

I am still at the same job, now for 19 months where I have the opportunity to meet new people everyday and never have a dull moment, it is nice and conveniently closeso yeah, I am still there.

I squeezed in some quality time within my chores and now I am working on this nice project I found in Interweave Crochet Magazine I had for a while now, and also this yarn Unforgettable that mesmerized me by its nice Sunrise colours that I love so much. So I took some shots I don’t like how they came out for the poor lightning, but you can have some idea.

Hope to be done soon and show you more pics.

Thank you for stopping by,



Bloomsbury top interweave mag
Bloomsbury top -interweave mag


first flowers joined- bloomsbury top
first flowers joined bloomsbury top
First panel- Bloomsbury top
First panel Bloomsbury top
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Crochet Happy Coloured Pouch

Hi you guys,

I am incorrigible for loving colours so much! As a little girl I’ve always loved rainbows, lucky me back then it really rained nearly every afternoon in my hometown. When it didn’t and it happened to be a Saturday, Dad would remedy the situation by either washing the dog or the car, or both, and spraying water into the air so as if to make us see the rainbow he had so artistically not to say magically created right there before our very own eyes. Back then we didn’t have to save the planet nor water. I guess there were not as many people in the world as my (now 9 year-old) daughter says: “Back in the olden days”, I try to explain 30 something years ago is not classified as “olden days”, but I don’t think she gets it, would I?

So anyway this is the gift I made for her friend, another sweet little girl from school, intended for her birthday, which was last month…

It is light and kind of small just to carry the ‘essentials’, lined with small little butterflies to flutter by whenever she opens it to fetch this or that. Sure hope she likes it.


crochet coloured pouch
crochet coloured pouch
crochet coloured pouch
crochet coloured pouch -beads and tassel
crochet coloured pouch- round granny
crochet coloured pouch
crochet coloured pouch-smile
crochet coloured pouch-smile
crochet coloured pouch- lined with butterflies, and pocket featured
crochet coloured pouch- lined with butterflies



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Crochet Pineapple top- for women

Hi my friends,

I hope you are all doing well, I have to wer black to winork, and plus I’ve always wanted to try this pineapple top I saw the pattern a looooong time ago so I believe 3 to 4 years, I bought a magazine with one variation of the pattern and left is aside. Now I made up my mind but did not want to follow one pattern only, so I kind of made the top with larger pineapple motif and because I thought it might become a little too loose make only chains alond the body I did some variation of stitches, therefore I did not get bored  and it did make my “belly” feel more let’s just say protected. At the bottom I did smaller sizd pineapples and because I did not count the stitches as I went along I had to make  them work in order to have even motif numbers.

Of course I used did 5 chains and 1 sc to finish off at the last row just because it seemed right.

I already had some compliments, but what it best, I loved the final result.

black pipineapple crochet top- larger pineapples at the beginning- by Glaser Craftsneapple crochet top-by GlaserCrafts
black pineapple crochet top-by GlaserCrafts
pineapple crochet top- larger pineapples at the beginning- by Glaser Crafts
pineapple crochet top- larger pineapples at the beginning- by Glaser Crafts
crochet pineapple black top- bottom with smaller pineapples- by GlaserCrafts
crochet pineapple black top- bottom with smaller pineapples- by GlaserCrafts

Hope you liked it too, take good care,


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Kids tee -pineapple crochet adventure part 2 and last

So my dear ones,

As I move on my new job, it seems to me I have little time to dedicate to my crochet blogs, though I still save some for my crochet adventures, which include a pineapple top -for myself to wear at work, and the completion of my daughter’s pineapple crochet tee.

I am triyng to figure out a way to take a picture of my top it is nice lacy and black, since I left my mannequim back home in Brazil, I have to find out how to give you an idea of how it looks, meanwhile take a look at the last and final version of the tee.

final look on pineapple crochet tee- by Glaser Crafts
final look on pineapple crochet tee- by Glaser Crafts
crochet pineapple edging- by Glaser Crafts
crochet pineapple edging- by Glaser Crafts

I Liked this edging for its A line kind of shaping, that I secured would be formed by adding a few more chain stitches and a sort of a V in the row prior to the last one.

I made a flower to go with it and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to make some use of this cute buttom I purchased a long time long ago.

cute little happy crochet flower- by Glaser Crafts
cute little happy crochet flower- by Glaser Crafts

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it, and I followed no pattern since I changed a gazzilion times to accomodate her mood changes and mine as well.

pineapple crochet kids tee with the flower- by Glaser Crafts
pineapple crochet kids tee with the flower- by Glaser Crafts

Take good care of yourselves,

Love ,