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Redilicious Loop Earring Jewelry- blog discount

Hello everyone,

There is this nice lady whose work in Education and life I admire so much. My husband works with her. She is kind and has a lovely soul, one of those people we meet once ina blue moon. She happened to like some of my pieces and had a special request.

I loved doing this nice piece of jewelry for her, and did it with all my heart:


redilicious loop earring
redilicious loop earring- by Glaser Crafts


There is a necklace for t too and the set goes like this:

redilicious loop earring and necklace set by Glaser Crafts
redilicious loop earring and necklace set- by Glaser Crafts


I put the set up at my Etsy Shop feel free to take a peak at some other and unique versions I made in red. In case you feel like purchasing as a reader of my blog, please send a comment and you will be given a $5,00 off discount for the set as a thank you.

Take real good care, thank you for stopping by,





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Glaser Crafts in a Festival!

Hello my friends,

Yes, that’s it, finally the day that I had been getting ready for arrived the Oliver Community Festival!

Last Saturday we witnessed the most clement weather, one would think we are strong prayers since it rained the whole entire past week, but on Saturday I could swear it was going to rain. Instead the nicest bright vivid Sun come out.

As if saying , “Go you guys do not fret, I’ll give you this break.” So the day was a bless.

I had cold feet, won’t pretend. I got prepared with loads of handmade jewelry, it didn’t make me any good, there were 4 other jewelry stands in there. And mine was …say humble. ’till I remembered that there was a substantial difference in my products. They were all part of me, who I am and what I have become as a craftswoman. There are HANDMADE.

So I quickly wrote this on a piece of paper see? -Yeah, that’s the paper.


From that moment on I said to myself, there, there is nothing else I can do. I sat down took my hook, my yarn and the beautiful flower I was working on. This was enough to have people crossing the street to take a closer look at my hand made work, they would at least praise me, and comment with their friends.

I got flattered, so even if I did not make as many sales as I was hoping to, I got an immense sense of gratitude, in the sense that people recognized my work. They also ordered some items, and believe me as for the crochet, I sold my beautiful flowers. As I was making them. Again my first time, I had no proper pins for them but quickly arranged some of my sewing ones (I keep in the emergency kit in my purse) to attach at the back.

That is soo good. I’ll let you with some of the pictures I took right before the event, promise to post some more!

GlaserCrafts Handmade necklaces
Glaser Crafts Handmade necklaces


Glaser Crafts Handmade earrings
Glaser Crafts Handmade earrings

That’s all for now,

hope I have some time tomorrow!

Take care,


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Crochet, flowers, Spring is here!

I am doing great, hope you are too!

Recently many things are going on in my life, I am writing a lot, though not in my blogs, I still think it is worth, so I go on pursuing something that I hope I let you know in the (near?) future.

Anyway, it’s inevitable now, since most shops, TV ads, and even the weather (yes, here in Alberta, too) is changing. I know it is supposed to start to become more green, but up here for us things are just less “white”. Never mind though, I love it here, and the feeling of Spring coming back is so invigorating.

So talking about Spring today I got this newsletter with tons of  Spring ideas   -read flowers- and free patterns,  it is from All free Crochet, they are here for us to enjoy!

As you can see I love crocheting flowers! Here is a sample of mine :

flowers Glaser Crafts
flowers Glaser Crafts
Glaser Crafts flowers
Glaser Crafts flowers

I keep trying to post constantly in my Facebook page is a faster for me, it has many images, free patterns I find on the internet and so, if you haven’t “liked it” yet, please do so you will be able to have even more fresh ideas,’ inspiring’ ones as I like to think of them.

They are full of new ideas, and fresh ones that can boost our imagination make us finish off those yarns already used in some other project, so have fun!

Take care,


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Crochet flower barrette- construction

I believe you have seen the crochet flower barrettes I’ve made recently here for my daughter and for the girls here.

Crochet flower Hair barrette
Crochet flower Hair barrette

It is pretty easy to make, specially once you have done a crochet necklace, don’t like how it comes out, try to figure out what to do with it, and have a daughter with reasonably long hair. They definitely need as many different kinds of barrette they can possibly have!

So enough talking, what you need is a crochet flower string, you can find ideas and patterns here, here and here these crochet atists are  so talented I’m sure you will all agree with me or three small crochet flowers.


3 colored mini crochet flowers,

hot glue gun

a “bare” hair barrete

a pair of scissors

First you arrange your flowers the way you believe is the best in the barrette.

Now with the glue gun, glue each flower at a time. Allow a few seconds for each flower to set, then go to the next.When you are done, allow a few more seconds for your wok to be complete.

Hope you like it!

Take good care,


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White Elf’s crochet hat

A few months ago as I was having a chat I came across this elf’s hat request. “Do you know those long tailed crochet hats that go along the babies bodies?” I had seen them, in Brazil they are not popular at all, but due to my passion for different things I had already seen those, and kind of gotten puzzled by the way they could be made. Well this person happens to be a neighbor, a model who is starting in the field of photography.

We kind of made a deal I would find out and have one made for her, an in exchange she would take its picture for me. I did, sadly though she has not got the chance to have a baby that would fit its size for a  photo shoot section. So I came up with, well maybe you could make the picture without the baby in there.

She did and in fact she made an awesome work, so I hope you like it too. In case you fell like getting in touch with her the here is her facebook page

Furry White Elfs Hat

Happy crocheting,


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Early snow and a rainbow crochet hat

Hi everyone,
Yes, it is snowing, I kind of liked it, and part of me is mad at me for not having renewed my driver’s license, luckily the cold weather is above Zero -just above.

thing layer of the snow in the Fall
thin layer of the early snow in the Fall

Well in the midst of that I managed to make one more cap that I called Rainbow cozy -because of the ear flaps, and hope you like.

Gotta go to bed, it is kind of late you know!

Rainbow Cozy crochet hat
Rainbow Cozy crochet hat

Take good care,